10 Camping Gears You’ll Need If You Plan To Go Camping in 2017 summer

Preparation is essential for any outdoor adventure. Having the necessary supplies and equipment can improve your overall enjoyment and experience.


We hope this article will help you and you love the products 10 Camping Gears we recommend!


  1.  Get a decent family camping tent, it should have enough room, light and durable. 

This tent is great for my needs! I’ve been in camps many times, so I’m not new here, but this is the first time I’ve been sleeping alone in a tent, so I ship myself and build a tent. I was camping in the middle of the forest in northern Michigan this weekend with some friends. Very easy to set up! You really can finish it in a few minutes. I spent my time drinking beer, so maybe 10-20 minutes. Everything you need to install is attached. You can find it on Amazon best seller tent.


   2.  Getting a hammock is always comfortable, wherever there is a tree.

“Very happy with this purchase! Not kidding or exaggerating, took me 45 seconds to set up by myself.
Very durable yet light weight hammock . Withstands a very rough 4 year old monkey (my little sister).100% sure I will be purchasing another one to camp in; instead of a tent.”


3.  Or, if you have more room to get a camping cocoon chair, ideal sleep without sunburn.

This hammock is great for staying out of the bugs and enjoying a nice stay in the hammock. I enjoyed the hammock but at the same time had a lot of trouble rolling over n it. You really bend quite a bit and it makes it challenging to get in and out. I would also like a hook or something to hand a water bottle from as the inside pockets frequently dumped my items. Regardless, a good quality hammock and quality bug protection.

4.  Take a sleeping bag and don’t have a campfire anymore.

Pretty decent sleeping bag. Used it on a camping trip with some others. Has been a while since I’ve been camping and one of the other guys actually ended up buying the same bag which wasn’t planned.


5.  Get a Hand Cranking Solar Powered Rechargeable Flashlight and never be left in the dark.

Pretty cool compact pots. Held up nicely with boiling water… not so much with other food. It burns too easily and is very hard to clean. The bottom already has a burn spot where the flame hits it. Can’t speak for their longevity. If you’re doing serious camp cooking these are not for you! Otherwise pretty good bang for buck.

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