10 Tips For Camping in Thunderstorms

Summer thunderstorms in the south are common weather, but if you like the summer outdoors, pay attention to rain, otherwise light will cause property damage, heavy illness, and even life-threatening. Therefore, it is important to summarize the outdoor rainproof experience in summer.


1, we can not believe the weather forecast, nor can we not believe the weather forecast

Sometimes we compare him to an earthquake bureau. There are times the sun was shining with rain, but the rain cloudy times. So we have very low confidence in the weather forecast of the weather bureau, so we don’t take his prediction seriously. We often have green outdoor travel instead of traditional regardless of the weather, the rain adds new scenery and memories.
But scientifically speaking, what climatic conditions are absolutely unsuitable for outdoor use? Moderate rain, heavy rain, thunderstorms, three kinds of weather, in any case is not suitable for outdoor, no matter how good you have equipment, these three meteorological conditions, will not give you a good feeling of the outdoors. Therefore, we suggest that as long as there is moderate rain, heavy rain and thunderstorms, we will not engage in outdoor activities.


2, pay attention to full with dry food, clear with the umbrella of the backup consciousness

When the weather forecast is a light rain, we go out and hope that maybe it doesn’t rain or it will only rain for a little while. But you must have thought what to do in a bad situation. 518 of the activities on the thunderstorm non-stop, told us that the forecast is small to moderate rain, may also become a thunderstorm non-stop. Small to moderate rain forecast also reflects a trend, that is to say, rain is the greater the next month.


3, body waterproof – Clothing: umbrellas and raincoats, assault clothing, skin clothing, quick drying clothes

Umbrellas and raincoats are the most common rainproof equipment. Umbrellas are suitable for light rain and moderate rain. They are easy to walk under the condition of no strong wind, and easy to ventilate. It is a little more suitable for raincoat rain through the woods, and warm wind performance, the disadvantage is not breathable, boring, anti scratch performance is poor, my raincoat up in this activity. Jackets are the strongest, all kinds of bad weather can be, breathable stronger than raincoats, weaker than umbrellas. I haven’t used my skin coat. Please use my teammate analysis.

Fast drying: showers, wet and dry anyway, persistent rain is invalid, under certain dry fast, your body is always wet.


4, head waterproof – hat:

Big jungle hat: cloth, light rain situation, you can hold on for a while, the rain will be finished.
Clothes conjoined hat: whether it is raincoat hat or the jacket of the charge, the experience is good, the disadvantage is that the line of sight has a certain occlusion.
Straw hat: the personal feeling is suitable for outdoor, shading, rainproof should be good, and cheap. Ready to buy one.


5, hand waterproof: Gloves

Personal feeling, hand waterproof is not important, hand wet. Hand, the most important thing is to prevent skin scratches. Recommended anti slip breathable leather gloves, or labor belt rubber gloves, affordable.


6, lower body waterproof

If you know there must be a test of moderate rain and heavy rain, it is suggested to wear a pair of swimming shorts and a pair of dry shorts.


7, leg waterproof

Quick drying Pants: analysis of drying at the same speed. If you know there is heavy rain, it is recommended to wear pants with certain weather resistance. One experience to tell you is that pants actually require more rain, because the rain on your jacket will flow all over your pants, so your pants will soon be tested for rain.


8, waterproof feet

Getex shoes feel the price is not high, too expensive, with a few times no waterproof performance, maintenance difficult.
Rain: rain is good but not suitable for shoes, climbing around the ground can be.
Rain plastic shoes cover: easily broken, basically go to 2 kilometers or an hour, climbing must be rotten.
Summary: the foot wet well, important is not the rain capable of quickly, recommended to wear shoes upstream, or outdoor, or bring a spare pair of shoes. In addition, it is important to bring a pair of spare socks, and more importantly, these socks should be packed in plastic bags, otherwise, they will be accompanied by leucorrhea.


9, backpack waterproof

Wear waterproof clothes: ask your clothes to be big enough.
Waterproof backpack: of course, the price is more expensive, but also known as waterproof backpack, the line always leaks, rain big, you bag things like finished drenched. Waterproof: it is recommended to use.


10, electronic device waterproof

Electronic devices are expensive and most afraid of water, so they are the focus of water proofing. It is recommended to make double layer waterproofing. All electronic devices are wrapped in a separate plastic bag, and then placed in a waterproof bag.
Magic key: condom. No kidding, this thing is really good, there is shrinkage, basic electronic devices can be put in, you want your mobile phone is not easy to find a suitable size of plastic bags, but with no problem, and can be used directly across. 518, I did not bring this set, look at the mobile phone navigation is hiding in the raincoat to see. Fortunately, the phone is full touch screen, no button waterproof, not bad, a little rain does not matter.

SLR waterproof: remember to buy a camera with a bag is not waterproof, and a little rain does not matter, the rain must be soaked. So wrap it up in plastic bags. Or with a professional waterproof camera bag.

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