3 most popular tips for camping with your Adventure Kings Big Daddy Swag

3 most popular tips for camping with your Adventure Kings Big Daddy Swag! - image swag on https://www.4wdsupacentre.com.au/news

Here are 3 of our top tips for making one of the famous Big Daddy Swags even more comfortable than they already are.

First, put your hands on one of the Adventure Kings inflatable air mattresses.

With a huge thickness of 100 mm, it is twice as thick as the original 50 mm mattress of your Big Daddy booty and 30% thicker than the mattress of a Big Daddy Deluxe. People like these mattresses because they are perfect, they make the camp more comfortable and they are as comfortable to use at home as an extra bed. It is an accessory that will use much more than you think. In the cold, a thicker mattress (especially an inflatable foam core like this one) will also add heaps of insulation, which means you’ll have less chills at 2 o’clock in the morning than cold earth stealing the heat from your body.

Second, we recommend having a good sleeping bag in your hands.

Of course, you can get away with your house, but a good sleeping bag like the Premium Kings sleeping bag will take your level of comfort one step further. Easily traps the heat of your body and keeps it warm. The hood and zipper give you the most comfortable sleep at night, even when it’s very cold, or with the removable flannel lining, you can cool it down to camp during the summer without having to take off one leg! As an added bonus when you get sleeping bags of 2 kings (left and right handed), they can be joined together to form a larger double-sized sleeping bag, perfect for couples and small families who share the space for massive sleeping. in a Kings Big Daddy Swag.

Finally, do not forget to season your swag.

This is a simple procedure required in most canvas products and in the process, even those that come pre-seasoned like Big Daddy.

All you need to do to season your Big Daddy is to put it in the garden, remove the mattress and hit it with the garden hose or with a bucket of water. Your goal is to soak the material of the canvas and the threads in the seam, making sure to focus your attention on getting the wet canvas. This simple process inflates the thread into the seam holes and tightens all seams. Let it dry completely, then turn over the mattress, pack it and you’ll be ready for your next camping trip!

Following these tips, you will get the best night’s sleep you have had in the camp, rain or shine, and make sure your trip is as planned, relaxing and hassle-free.

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