6 Best Sleeping Bags under 3 lbs in 2017


BEST – It is important to remember that what is “the best” for me, may not necessarily be the best for you. I work very hard to detail the strengths and weaknesses of each element I criticize with the ultimate goal of putting decision-making power in your hands.

In the end, there is rarely a “better” choice clear, but I hope I can help you find equipment that suits you best.

PRICES – Your sleeping bag will probably be one of the most expensive items in your backpack, but it could easily be your favorite gear. The budget sleeping bags come out around the $ 150 range and the upscale sleeping bags can easily exceed $ 500. I understood very well the costs in my choices to recommend bags of very good quality and value.

WEIGHT – Your sleeping bag will be one of the four heaviest items in your backpack (shelter, backpack, sleeping bag, sleeping cushion). This is why it is essential to find a balance between warmth, comfort, and weight at your choice. It will not take long to lament a heavy and bulky sleeping bag, but you also do not want to compromise the heat. In an ideal world, you have 2-3 sleeping bags to choose from depending on the trip, but most backpackers choose a bag that will keep them warm at the lowest temperatures they plan to hike. We choose 6 Best Sleeping Bags under 3 lbs in this article.

  1. REI CO-OP MAGMA 10°

EN Comfort Rating: 22°F

Weight: 1lb 14oz

Chosen For: Ultralight Value

The new Magma 10 from REI (and Magma 17 for women) has a combination of weight, warmth and cost that no other sleeping bag on this list can match. Magma prevails over the most important materials, excellent heat/weight ratio, comfort against the skin, a non-slip zipper and a well-shaped box and hood. The combination of quality and cost of Magma makes it one of the most valued sleeping bags I’ve ever tested, hands down. The Magma is not the highest quality sleeping bag on this list (Western mountaineering and feathered friends still get that head), but I was pleasantly surprised by its performance.


EN Comfort Rating: 25°F

Weight: 1lb 13oz

Chosen For: Ultralight Quality

Western Mountaineering makes the most stylish, lightest and hottest sleeping bags I have ever tested. The UltraLite is one of their most popular designs and, in my opinion, it is the highest quality sleeping bag on this list. Every detail of this bag is composed (materials, zipper, foot box, hood, collar, differential cut, continuous deflectors, sampling tube, you name it) and the final result really shines. The biggest disadvantage with WM bags is their high price, but they can also last for several decades if treated with caution. Alpinlite of Western mountaineering (a wider version of the UltraLite) and Versalite (a slightly wider and warmer version of the UltraLite) are also excellent choices. Bonus: WM bags are made in the United States.


EN Comfort Rating: N/A

Weight: 1lb 6oz

Chosen For: Ultralight Versatility

The Enlightened Equipment Revelation duvet has a combination of weight, versatility, and affordability that makes it an outstanding choice for ultra lightweight hiking. The Apocalypse can be left open like a blanket on warm nights or tight when the temperature drops. If you do not like to be tightened in tight mummy bags, you will love the freedom of the Apocalypse. All quilts tend to be more draped than mum’s bags (see the section “Short Quilts vs. Mummy Bags” above), but the fastening straps of the Revelation help pad. Illuminated hardware covers are made to order (required time) and come in a variety of time, lengths, widths, and colors. For 3-season use, I prefer the 10 ° F model (see “Choosing a room temperature” above) and I measure width and width for full coverage. Bonus: EE quilts are made in the United States.


EN Comfort Rating: N/A

Weight: 1lb 15oz

Chosen For: Ultralight Quality

Feathered Friends is an industry leader in quality down gear and the Swallow Nano 20 (and women’s Egret Nano 20) is a prime example of their expertise. The Swallow has an excellent combination of warmth, weight, and space, all for a relatively affordable price, especially given the quality of their materials and construction. Feathered Friends doesn’t list EN temperature ratings, but I’ve found their ratings to be on the conservative side compared most competitors. Like many of FF’s bags, the Swallow also comes in a slightly lighter UL version. The Hummingbird Nano 20 is the same design with a slim fit and the Swift Nano 20 has a roomier cut. Bonus: FF bags are made in the USA.


EN Comfort Rating: N/A

Weight: 2lb 11oz

Chosen For: Roomy Comfort

The NEMO Disco 15 (and women’s Rave 15) has a unique spoon shape that makes it much roomier than the typical mummy bag. If you tend to shift around throughout the night and dislike like the tighter fitting nature of mummy bags, the Disco is an excellent option. This bag also has two “thermo gills” that help vent heat on warm nights, as well as a bunch of other convenient features. The biggest downside with roomy bags like the Disco is they’re less heat efficient (your body has to warm the extra space, so they tend to be colder). For backpacking, I personally prefer the warmth-to-weight ratios of quilts and mummy bags, but the spoon shape of the Disco is very comfortable. If you’re willing to accept a slightly heavier, bulkier, and less heat efficient bag for a significant upgrade in roominess, the NEMO Disco is your jam. NEMO also makes this bag in a slightly lighter and more compressible Riff 15 model (women’s Jam 15).


EN Comfort Rating: 30°F

Weight: 2lb 13oz

Chosen For: Budget

The Kelty Cosmic Down 20 is a great budget buy for beginners, campers, and those that aren’t as concerned with weight and bulk. Keep in mind, you get what you pay for, so don’t expect the same quality out of the Cosmic as the other bags on this list. That said, the Cosmic is functional and comfortable enough to get the job done well at a fraction of the price. This is the heaviest and bulkiest bag on my list, so if you plan to backpack a lot over the years, I’d recommend investing in one of my other high-quality recommendations. But when cost and functionality are the most important considerations, the Kelty Cosmic Down is tough to beat.

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