7 Tips for Camping With Baby

A camping holiday with your baby? Sure, why not! If you pay attention to some points, camping with the baby can be quite uncomplicated and relaxing. We have put together a checklist to make the planning and life with a baby at the campsite easier!

baby camping chair
baby camping chair, camping high chair for baby

Tip # 1: Selection of the campsite

Before you start your holiday, the choice of the campsite is more important. Many campsites are adjusted especially to families with children and offer appropriate child-friendly sanitary facilities – among other things with great changing tables, children’s showers or even baby baths. This makes the evening washing rinse or the winding much more pleasant.

Anyone wishing to wrap in the caravan or tent can do so on a blanket, on the bed or the air mattress. This is perhaps somewhat more complicated than on the home changing table, but after a short familiarization is good.

A diaper bag, in which all the utensils are arranged, is extremely useful in the camping holiday, both in the caravan or tent and in the changing room of the campsite. It can also be filled with sample bottles – because this size is sufficient for the holidays!


Tip # 2: Breastfeeding in the camping holiday

Sometimes you find even on camping sites, even more, areas for families with (small) children. Here one meets the like-minded, which also times (nocturnal) children’s scream does not disturb very much.

Breastfeeding is the most uncomplicated way to nurture a baby. Since you always have the milk in perfect temperature with it … However, the environment is not the usual and the perhaps cherished chair, in which it is wonderful to breastfeed at home, can not simply be taken on vacation.

If you camp in your camper, you can sit in the comfortable bed during the day. A nursing pillow does a good job. If you do not have a nursing pillow, you can also support a normal pillow or roll a big beach towel into a sausage and put it under your arms. Even a lightly inflated water ball can help and relieve the arms and shoulders while breastfeeding.

A bit more improvisation talents are also in demand in the tents. Folding chairs have proved to be useful here, but some mothers also quietly sit in the tailoring seat or – quite relaxed for the mother and the child – lying down.


Tip # 3: The right water for baby

First of all: What water do I take to prepare the vial? 
Who does not breastfeed, but feeds his baby via bottle, will face new challenges in the camping holiday.

Even if drinking water can be drawn from the tap at most campsites, this is not necessarily suitable for preparing infant food. Even at home, caution is advised, because even if the analysis values of the local waterworks have peak values, it does not mean that the tap really drips the water.

Because – and only a few consumers know this – the waterworks must only guarantee the values to the house connection. Everything else is the responsibility of the owner! Old pipes – some of them still lead – can make the best drinking water useless. At home you can test such a thing by water analysis, for the holidays on the campsite is too costly and secondly too long.

Therefore, it is better to carry packaged, suitable drinking water (maximum 10 mg nitrate per liter).

You can also warm the water in a normal water boiler – if you have no electricity connection in the tent or Wohni, this also needs to be in the common kitchen or in the sanitary facilities. Also on the campsite, you can heat the water, but you should bring your own pot.


Tip # 4: Prepare the night vials

Nothing is worse and more annoying than warming up the water for the night-time bottle. The baby cry can not only deliberately interrupt your own night rest, but also rob your neighbors’ sleep. A simple trick – which is also wonderful for home use:

In the evening, boil water and pour it into a thermos flask. In another thermoset, provide cold water (boiled). Fill the required quantity of milk powder into the bottle and provide everything. When the baby’s alarm starts at night, the bottle can be prepared quickly with the now only warm water. Take the cold water only to adjust the drinking temperature.

Tip # 5: Ready-made porridge or homemade?

Quite clear: A mash-glass has its advantages when traveling. The food can be served quickly and nothing needs to be cooked. For a Kurztripp is also quite okay. More delicious than the food from the glass is still the homemade mash. And that is actually not so complicated!

If you cook for yourself, you can (for example BEFORE the seasoning), for example, put vegetables and potatoes for the child and crush them with a fork. There is also a bar, which provides the best service and does not weigh the world in holiday luggage.


Tip # 6: Toys

Sure – a little toy is included in the holiday package. But must it be the whole nursery? Definitely not!

A few selected favorite toys and – of course – the dearest cuddly toy have to simply go with, everything else is on the spot. There is so much new to discover and see! Larger children are more likely to go with their new playmates on discovery tour – and even everyday objects can be transformed with a few ideas to the toy.

How exciting can the cookware be, or a simple bowl of water, in which the child is allowed to munch for heartache?


Tip # 7: Outdoor Crawling Blanket

As beautiful as crawl covers are – they are only suitable for outdoor use. Directly on the – perhaps still moist – meadow you may not want to lay them, especially since not only the moisture and the dirt, but also the coolness of the floor can pull into the ceiling. How to take a baby camping, this is result! 🙂

Picnic blankets are ideal as an outdoor crawling blanket. First, they are larger and usually have a watertight underside, which in the best case even has an insulating effect. Then you can put the “normal” baby blanket if you like. But even if the child can not fall off from the picnic blanket, it should not be left unattended – because the grass at the edge of the ceiling invites you to discover in a seductive way 😉

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