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Price on Amazon is about $90

Start Olight H2R headlights of the original intention is to fancy her functionality, is the headlights; can also be mounted, turned L-shaped flashlight; can be magnetic, easy to drive, lighting.

Impression of the magnetic absorption of light flashlight, are silly big black, powerful at the same time, the head is not small. Until the H2R start, it is known, “Ling fox” where the characters come from, is Smart, but also dexterity. Body slim, but the heart is very violent, very bright mode up to 2300 lumens, in addition to small monsters, it can not find suitable for the fox’s adjectives.

Closer to the original, the packaging of the fox is very small and exquisite, the packaging is a simple list of some of the main features of H2R: the longest standby 45 days, the maximum range of 153 meters, waterproof IPX8, both underwater; the lower right corner of the 2300Lumens highlight its Strong heart.

From the right side of the packaging can be seen, H2R headlights are divided into CW (cold) and NW (daylight) two models, and CW-type light intensity was significantly higher than NW, I received the CW type.


Olight H2R headlights Price on Amazon is about $90

The package contains a H2R headlamp, a headband, a set of 3M gaskets, a magnetic mount and a manual.

The lampshade uses a bead TIR lens that makes the spot more gentle and uniform. Very good to avoid the close-up lighting is too glare.

Both sides of the cylinder are the Olight brand Logo, and the H2R product Logo. The cross strip is traditional and delicate. The tail cover is slippery as a vertical pattern to facilitate unscrewing.


Magnetic suction cap is one of the characteristics of H2R, not only can be adsorbed, but also can be adsorbed on any steel products, unlock the use of difficult posture. And the tail cover on the prohibition of short circuit prompts so that the author is very tangled, in order to facilitate the direct exposure of the positive and negative charge, will have an impact on the flashlight? Direct water or adsorption in the metal objects, will not cause a short circuit? After careful observation of the author, it was found that the brass contact piece in the middle of the tail cover was recessed into the surface of the tail cover, so it was certain that the adsorption on the surface of the smooth metal did not have to worry about the short circuit at all.

Unscrew the tail cover, the body is equipped with 3000mha 18650 battery, and isolation pads.

Headband test every 6-7 cm (an Olight logo) has a reflective strip, night use can increase the user’s visibility, increase the safety factor.

It is worth mentioning that, H2R can be used when charging, with the brightness adjustment, a second turned a small lamp, reading lights, night light. Really is out of the necessary artifact!

The main performance parameters are actually outside the box also have, we only see Cool White: range 153m, up to 2300 lumens, luminous intensity 5850cd, 1.5m anti-drop, waterproof rating IPX8.
Five times the brightness:
1, very bright 2300-750 lumens, life time 1-110 minutes. According to Sprite multi-proven, should be the highest brightness of 2300 lumens can only be maintained for a minute, after the temperature control considerations, will automatically tune to 750 lumens;
2, bright 600 lumens, sustained 2.5 hours;
3, the bright 150 lumens, life 10 hours;
4, low 30 lumens, life 50 hours;
5, moonlight mode lumens, life 45 days.


Basically 1 to 4 files can cope with outdoor search, sports and other needs, and moonlight mode for extreme conditions for a long time to ensure the minimum visibility.

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