The Best Classics Camping Tent – REI Base Camp 4 Tent

Our REI Base Camp 4 Tent is the closest thing to having a portable cabin when it comes to comfort and durability. When you need to stay warm outdoors, this Base Camp 4 Tent is for you. I have made many poor choices when choosing camp tents.  The lessons from the choices have taught me what to look for before buying tents. Using a bad tent will make your camping trip uncomfortable since you spend a lot of your entire camping trip time inside the tent.  Having a great tent will ensure that you and your family enjoy the happy camping time.

Have you ever experienced the following camping scenarios because you bought a cheap tent?

  • Water leaked through the walls of your tent and your sleeping bag absorbed the water like a diaper.
  • Your Kids were searching for YouTube videos on how to set up a tent.  What an embarrassment!
  • Your cheap tent collapsed in the middle of the night while you were in a deep sleep.  Your beautiful wife had to wake you up and tell you to fix it.


Base Camp 4 Tent has a lot of room to move

REI says that Base Camp 4 Tent has up to four adults can fit comfortably within 60 square feet of living space. It is 5 feet high at the highest point. Even though I was over 6 feet tall and weighed 180 pounds, our family of four slept in luxurious comfort. We like to supplement the extra space with cloth bags so that our air mattresses do not move. I have no worries about stretching in the tent even if I am tall. My biggest discomfort is that I am too big to stand in the tent because it is only 5 feet tall. Since I do not sleep, it has never been a problem.

The REI Base Camp 4 Tent Can Be Set Up By One Person

Do you hate the setting up of tents with a degree in mechanical engineering? My basic rule to create a tent is 12 minutes or less. If it takes longer, it is a no-go. Why spend all your precious time trying to set up your tent? I am so lazy when it comes to creating a tent, that I considered buying one of those tents that have pre-attached posts to the tent. If they were not so heavy, I would be one!

The REI code encoded the poles and tied them with elastic shock cords for easy configuration. The tent storage bag has sewn instructions so you do not have to worry about instructions you have lost or left at home.

Tents such as base camp 4 tent are called “free standing”. An independent tent can be installed without stakes, which is very useful when the ground is very hard or rocky. Even if you have a free tent, it is always best to anchor your equipment or something heavy. I left several tents without poles to come back and find them blown a few hundred feet. The benefit of free tents is the possibility of putting up the tent and not using stakes to anchor it in the ground.

If you like the look of stars at night, then you will like the base camp 4 tent

Having the ability to look at the stars at night was a great selling point for me when I bought the base camp 4 tent. There have been many nights that we have not tied the rain fly so that we can Enjoy the moonlight and the stars. See through the mesh screen keeps the bugs and the light shines.

Tent pockets help keep your camping gear organized

I like to keep my car keys and wallet in storage pockets while I sleep. If you like to have a place to store your items in bulk, you will enjoy this tent. The vestibule is large enough to hide our water and ice dispenser during the day. We keep extra flashlights, pocket knives, gloves, hats, and so on. In storage pockets.

Experienced 30- to 35-mph winds and several down pours during the 9-day trip. Sheds water like a duck and was quite stable in the winds. The base camp 4 tent seams are well-reinforced. The “vestibule/fly” is a worthy feature. The “50-in” interior height seemed to accommodate my 6′ height well enough that I could stand (with only having to tilt my head a bit). Plenty of room for one or two persons plus gear. Adding a few more inches to the height (recommend a total of at least 60 inches) would enhance this base camp 4 tent to “nearly perfect”.


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