Camping At The Foot Of The Alps

Camping was one of the most challenging and difficult obstacles for me and my family during this trip. To prepare for the camping, we did many things long before we set out. We learned a lot of basic information about camping and solutions for emergencies which also made us more stressed. The plan for camping was only four days, but to the people who were green hands, such as us, it was difficult to experience for our first time. We asked the experienced leader about the equipment of camping: tent; ground mat; sleeping bag; snags and so forth. We learned from different people. When my father saw the huge camping bags, he was going to fall down in a faint.

In the second week, our team arrived in Switzerland and we started our new journey- camping. We lived at the foot of the Rigi Mountain which was also our goal to climb after three days. To my surprise, the camping sides sites were far more convenient and tidy than I thought. In my impression, what I was most worried about was the cleanness of sanitation. However, the shower rooms and restrooms in the camp sites were extraordinarily decent and clean.

We arrived at the camp site really late. When we were looking for the suitable camping places, we were hungry and looking at the people who were barbecuing desirously. In foreign countries, people liked to spend time in the natural world with families and friends freely and relaxed. Some people even built an amusement ground and more permanent fixtures to last a long time. For the first night, we were a little bit unfamiliar with the assembly units of the tents; thus, the leader helped us with every detail and step.

At night, when I first slept in the sleeping bag, I was going to completely relax because it was so warm and comfortable. I was like a little worm staying in my own pupa. The only defect was that I could not turn over in the small space, but I could move my body in limited space a little bit. When I was sleeping, melodious guitar music was flowing in the starry sky to my bag, the voice weaved everyone’s dream in the summer night. Unfortunately, I was gradually woken up….in the middle of the night. I was a deep-sleeping person who seldom woke up at midnight. However, I was too cold to keep sleeping. No matter how I slept, my feet were cold as ice. I felt like the under part of my body was lying on the icy lake. I moved my position and tried lots of ways to warm myself, but I failed again and again. The voice of the guitar disappeared, I could not hear the cold “summer breeze”. At last, I found that I could get close to my “roommate”, so I used my back to adhere to her back tightly like the penguins adhered with each other in the snowstorm to get warm. In the end, I was so sleepy and tired, that I fell asleep in the gelid sleeping bag. After we got up, the amazing views deeply made us crazy. We slept close to the river, the faint fog with the sunlight made the river so fascinating.

The second night was my best night ever. We found a barbecue place in the forest. Becasue of the limitation of charcoals to cook; however, we could not find any of it after we asked our neighbors and staffs in the camp site. At last, I decided to pick the dead wood by ourselves. I picked some woods from the forest besides our tent and then more and more teammates joined me. We finished the tasks quickly. Finally, we ate the barbecue luckily in the forest.

The most dangerous and difficult night was the third night, the toughest thing happened-rain. It started to rain from the morning, so all of us were really worried about the night. Right after we built the tent, it began to rain and stop continually. Especially, my tent had inferior waterproof function. Also, there was a small hole at the top of the tent! It meant that the rain might be flowing into the tent at any time though I used some tool to fill it up. Fortunately, our leader soothed my nerves, he gave me an emergency cushion. He told me that it could save people’s lives in the outdoors. Once I found the tent was flooded or too cold, I could cover with this emergency cushion at once, it could increase by 5 degrees centigrade. At last, I fell asleep in the warm sleep bag with a nervous mood.  I was woken up by the loud rainy sound for several times during the night. I got up to check the hole every time under the freezing temperature out of the sleep bag. Then, I kept sleeping with nervousness till the morning.

At last, our tent was really safe though it was a little bit wet inside. But, my first time to sleep in the outdoors was so marvelous and memorable.

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