Camping Tent Classification- Several Kinds of Tent We Use When Camping

When you are ready to spend the night in the wild, you can choose tents, sleeping bags, tarpaulins, snow holes or refuge huts. The tent is the most commonly used way, because it is easy to set up, can be rain, re-use, and can be erected to any location, and wind, sun, there is enough room for the climbers to place equipment. For the first time outdoors friends, you should first understand the type of tents, what kind of tent for our current travel routes.


Tent benchmark: we first come to understand the product, what kind of tent is a good tent it is: space, function, weight, human, beautiful combination. Space: the width of the tent is based on the person’s shoulder width of 50 cm or so release the appropriate proportion,


1) double space 220cm x 135cm, height of 105cm or so be considered a reasonable double tents standard. This space will bring comfort to everyone, there will be no sense of oppression. The legs will have enough space for backpacks and other camping supplies.


2) function: a tent function is generally reflected in the wind, rain and snow, anti-mosquito, ventilation, which is the basic function, with these basic functions, you can feel at ease in the outdoors.


3) on the weight: Generally speaking, the basis of a double tents weight of about 2 kg, single tents in about 1.5 kg, this weight should have been in the acceptable range, of course, under the premise of ensuring the function of more and more light A trend, but some products in order to reflect the very light weight, with a caliber of about 7.5mm rod and thin fabrics such as 15D specifications of the following fabrics, etc., while reducing the weight of the foundation also undermine the wind and resistance Grinding performance, I personally think it is not desirable. Lightweight pursuit and blind pursuit, but lost the comfort and space. There are some non-self-contained products, but also the general primary mountain friends is difficult to control. For example, some products are non-closed single-layer tents (such as a single layer of A tower, these products are mainly used to cover the rain against the temporary use of ultraviolet light, there are many mosquitoes in the outdoor mosquito, such a single-layer structure is It is difficult to prevent the, so do not recommend the use of primary mountain friends camp.


4) the humanization of the tent: what is the design of human nature is to take full tents of the consumer in the course of the use of natural factors encountered, such as: foreign tents to take into tents in the rainy season can access a convenient door. Of the zipper position to be within reach of the door.There is a can expand the hall, the door should have enough room for the auxiliary equipment, vents as far as possible to do the opposite design, so that air convection, The cold air will breathe and heat up the body to heat up so that these hot air will evaporate smoothly, reduce the condensate and reduce the frosting phenomenon, but also improve some small details, such as storage bags, lights Hanging points and so on … the best design should be the top of the prominent points, which will be conducive to the top of the smooth watershed, foreign tents of the sewing points to fasten the skeleton. This can be a good embodiment of a tent plate state.


The type of tent

1.High mountain tents


Mainly functional in the wind, and wind mainly rely on the bracket to reflect the use of multi-pole cross-structure majority, the formation of rod and rod auxiliary force to achieve the best resistance to wind, of course, the drawbacks of this structure is beyond Abnormal weight, so this kind of equipment targeted is very strong, generally for professional adventurers, alpine tents there is a main function is warm, and now the warm-type internal tents of the fabric is scraped a layer of resin pulp, this The fabric is warm and has a certain permeability.


2. Four seasons tents


Four seasons tents, for those who are extremely enthusiastic about the camping of the consumer design, and the alpine tents is that it may not have a strong resistance to wind, but there is a good ventilation and ventilation function, relative to the high weight of the mountain, Taking into tents the spring and summer autumn and winter, the general type of products are double the large door, the first layer is used to mesh for three quarters of ventilation, a layer of breathable cloth for winter warm, this structure is the biggest characteristic of the four seasons.


3.Three tents


Designed for the spring, summer and autumn, it is the leading product of the global tent market, because the three seasons tents for the major camping season of ordinary consumers, and one of the richest of the major brand products. In the south of our country , A good three-season tents can even deal with a basic mountain friend a year of basic camping needs, this function is mainly for the ventilation of its fuss, the South region, especially at night camping, the body itself will release a lot of heat And breathing gas, in the rainy weather atmospheric pressure is very low, these people release the gas encountered outside the tents of the temperature difference will form a condition to reflect the formation of condensate attached to the external tents above. This can be foreign tents space is very important, the three tents of the current tents of the general waterproof fabric 1500mm ~ 2000mm between the fabric for the general precipitation is more than enough. The current market in Europe and the United States in order to save costs as much as possible, and now the three quarterly tents are increasingly designed into the internal tents of the whole network structure. Outside the tents or even no ventilation, but the use of foreign tents and the tents fully isolated to increase ventilation.


4. Family tents


At present in Europe and the United States and Japan and South Korea this kind of self-propelled tents are very popular. This tent space is large, the design is generally the main hall and bedroom composition, is a good family gathering equipment.


Steeple tent space is limited, but very fun, such as the pyramid structure, the appearance of comparison pull the wind, the user has a certain technical requirements, but also through the auxiliary wind rope to enhance its resistance to wind, but because he has a certain Of the streamline design, wind performance if the basic structure of the more balanced, but the wind resistance than some cross-tents better.


5. Tunnel tents


In fact, the European tunnel tents is the most respected, we have mastered its construction skills will be obsessed with it, because it has perfect space, excellent resistance to wind, large foyer, Outside the two structures, especially hanging inside allows you to quickly set up in harsh environments, but also to avoid the rain through the equipment embarrassment. HERRABAGE This Swedish brand from Scandinavia is the classic interpreter of this tent. The brand product update is not very prominent, but the style is very strict and harsh, their pursuit of the details of many brands can not do, their double-sided coated silicon fabric and even reached more than ten kilograms of resistance. Ordinary double silicon Only 8 kg or so, the way the support of the tunnel is actually very simple to choose the next ground can be the best soft ground, first pull the bevel angle symmetrical four corners, and then fixed the rest of the fixed point, in the hard ground can not be on the ground You can also use stones, sandbags, etc. to fix. China is currently not suitable for such technology and equipment, so the practitioners need to pay a lot of patience. Find more camping tent stories and reviews on here


About the structure of the tent


Dome (DOME), steeple (A tower) tunnel (TUNNEL) frog type. Dome tents we generally call the stand-up tents, we see the most common is the cross, this tent to build a simple, good space, is the ideal choice for primary mountain friends, such tents may be on the wind To be worse, because his wind is equal, the separate pole does not have a good support point, can only rely on the wind rope and fabric tension to balance.


What to buy notes


1. Optional tents are used for their own purposes, such as summer, non-snow, snow or four seasons; the number of tents to accommodate; the space you want to have; the weight of the tent; the price you can accept. The manufacturer offers a number of different sizes, weights and combinations of designs that can be selected as needed.


2. Whether the use of tents is a single layer or a double layer, you must understand the waterproof and breathability of the bill, if completely waterproof, moisture will gather in the internal tents caused by the bottom of a small puddle, the moisture is the climbers of the climbers, It may also wet the sleeping bag.


3. Cheap monolayer tents can only be used at the lower limit of the forest, and must be quite ventilated because the single tents are completely watertight. So it is best to choose double


4. Different tents designed to have different degrees of support, the purchase should be considered their own purposes, especially the snow is more important.


5. Light tents should be spacious enough to be able to cope with some special needs.


6. General two tents are the most commonly used tents, because easy to carry, easy to find camp, and three or single can live.


7. Tent color is best to choose warm colors such as yellow, orange or red. When you are trapped, conspicuous color will be easily found.


PS: the tent should avoid cooking, especially the use of gasoline stoves. This furnace has a pungent odor, easy to overflow fuel oil, and fire can not control, this is a latent crisis. Especially in the waterproof nylon tents to cook a kind of suffocating feeling, cooking will also cause the tents to gather many small water droplets, if you really need to cook in the tent, the best in the well-ventilated between the internal and external tents.

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