Product innovations and innovative highlights for 2017 summer

For the 23rd time, the place OutDoor on the grounds of Messe Friedrichshafen on Lake Constance place that attracted some 21,000 trade visitors from 92 nations this year. A total of 960 exhibitors presented their latest products for the upcoming fresh air summer in the “Sacred Halls”. Among the more than 1,000 media representatives, we were also in the “Sacred Halls” and have looked around for the most interesting innovations, so that we can briefly present the latest highlights for the 2017 mountain summer.


Berghaus Hyper 100 Jacket – the world’s lightest 3-layer jacket

One of only two OutDoor Industry Award winners in the “Apparel” category is the Hyper 100 Jacket of the British Outdoormarke Berghaus. The Hydroshell® Elite Pro jacket was developed on the basis of a large customer survey, according to the desire for an exceptionally light yet robust raincoat. After a monthly design phase and numerous tests, the highlight of the new Extremlight collection for Spring / Summer 2017 was presented to the public at the OutDoor for the first time. The most breath-taking rain jacket that Berghaus has ever developed weighs just 97 grams (size M) and is currently one of the world’s lightest three-layer mountain jackets.


TERNUA Fris Pant & Mika Bermuda – flexible trekking pants

News - OutDoor 2016: Ternua Fris Pant Trekking Shorts (© Ternua)  airFreshing_2016_Outdoor_Ternua_Mika_Bermuda_Shorts

The Spanish Outdoormarke Ternua also impresses with fresh colors and an unmistakable design. Also included are robust, yet light and breathable trekking and hiking pants made of flexible shellstretch material. With just 326g, the Fris Pant offers excellent comfort on a lightweight basis. If you prefer something shorter and even easier, the Torsten Bermuda simply wants to. The short trekking trousers offer the same material characteristics and come as well as the Frisian with an integrated belt.

MONTANE Featherlite Alpine 35 – spring-loaded all-rounder


“It’s not easy in general”: it’s not true, because anyone who is on the road with the new Featherlite backpack series from Montane, knows how undaunted it can go. Whether as ski tours, climbing, high-altitude or day-to-day backpacking: everything is possible with the Featherlite backpacks. The harness system suitable for climbing harness allows an optimum freedom of movement and the optimally placed buckles and fastening possibilities for ice ax and Co. can be operated even with gloves. Even a recess on the lid for more space when climbing for the helmet was thought. This can not be enough to remove the back upholstery and the waistbelt to reduce the already lightweight from 829 to 488 grams, And to make it all perfect, the individual baking packs are minimally packable. The Featherlite siblings are available in the sizes 35l, 30l and 23l, which cover all disciplines in the “done-in-a-day” area. Price: 119,95 Euro.

Osprey Stratos & Sirrus – with the wind in the back


The new models Stratos and Sirrus stand for true innovation and quality. Backpacks with a tight, fully-ventilated mesh back system are inspired by Ospreys AntiGravity ™ technology and offer a fully customizable and ventilated AirSpeed ™ support system . Thus, the back plate and hip belt consist of a single piece with a highly breathable, tensioned mesh, which ensures increased comfort, especially at warm temperatures – even with heavy loads. The back system of the women’s version Sirrus is also equipped with ergonomically to the female anatomy adjusted . The classic look and cleanness design, as well as the impressive wearing properties, make the two backpacks a true favorite for mountaineers and hikers. Of the detachable rain protection as well as numerous practical features, which disappears in the lower zipper compartment make the two backpacks the ideal companion on long and warm days in varied ways. Price: 130, – to 170, – Euro depending on volume (24 to 50 liters).

Marmot Trestles Elite 30 – Artificial sleeping bag with clamp protection


Marmot’s new Ultimate Trestles Elite Series is an absolute highlight in the category of synthetic fiber sleeping bags – and also completely PFC-free! Just 920 grams brings the sleeping envelope to the balance and provides with a comfort range of 3 ° nevertheless reliable heat. The anatomically shaped footbox and the 3D Nautilus hood ensure optimal sleeping comfort and insulation , while the combination of the Wave Construction top and blanket construction bottom ensures the best insulation properties. Further technical highlights are the additional zipper with anti-clamping mechanism, The sleeping bag is available in different sizes and as an additional isolated ladies’ model. Price: 150, – to 180, – Euro (depending on model and size).

Therm-a-Rest® Trail King ™ SV – the fastest inflatable mattress

The Therm-a-Rest® Trail King ™ SV is a gold winner in the category “Sleeping Bags / Sleeping Bags” , one of 8 Gold Award winners from a total of 343 international submissions. This product novelty is pumped up with the Speed Valve lightning speed. And if you want to go out, the padding still offers acceptable comfort. The Isomatte is launched in 2017 and is the fastest self-inflating mattress in the world . The mat combines the AirFrame ™ design with a foam base in a regular ratio with self-inflating air chambers with the revolutionary SpeedValve ™ technology. With only 830gthe Trail King ™ SV is perfect for backpacking and creates a comfortable comfort with a thickness of 6.3cm . The best thing about this is that when the SpeedValve ™ valve is inflated, the ambient air is sucked into the mattress . Air release is even faster.

Marmot Bolt 2P – light and spacious two-person tent


Maximum spaciousness, minimal weight – the new two-person tent is an absolute lightweight in its category. Despite its just 1,040 grams, the ingenious construction and the special positioning of the clips ensure a steeper tent walls and thus more space as well as a generous head area. The outer material of 20 denier polyester and with a water column of 2,000 mm is even in the wet condition particularly form-stable and prevents a seepage of moisture. Thanks to the 1,500 water column, the robust soil material also reliably keeps the wet weather outside. The generous entrance allows for easy access, while the color-coded clips facilitate the construction. Additional extra are theLamp-Shade pockets in the interior , which lightly scatter the light of the headlamp. Price: 500, – Euro.

ORTOVOX Bivy Pro – worth seeing


The Bivy Pro is at the same time protection and rescue means in a planned or unforeseen bivouac. The light and robust Bivy Pro is windproof, water and dirt repellent. Numerous loops allow a wide range of additional applications, such as a tent, sun protection or the transport of an injured person. The Bivy Ultralight, on the other hand, is a pure emergency product with a flyweight of only 150 grams. For other areas of use or a varied number of people, there are bivy packs as bivy single or bivy double for two persons.

Will the sky camp tent replace ground camping?

Sky Camp Tent (Roof Top Tent) or we call it the car pop up tent, sky camp tent looks relatively new genre of camping gear in North America. They are essentially tents that pop-up, or fold out, from on top of a vehicle.

A tent on your car or SUV may seem a little absurd. Why not just set it up on the ground? After driving from Colorado to Alaska with a sky camp tent mounted on the camper top of my Ford Ranger, I begin to believe this.

The Car-Top Tent or sky camp tent has changed the way I camp and opened a new world. It has plusses and minuses, but it is the greatest new product I’ve found in years to get a great night’s sleep in the outdoors.

Sky Camp Tent: A primer

Sky Camp Tents (Roof Top Tent)  are fairly new in North America. In Australia and other places with more evil bugs and creatures on the ground, they began years ago. But here they are still a novel, and you’ll see when you put this thing up.

But curiosity is justified; It looks nuts, and people will wonder how it does not fall from your truck. The answer is that you need a good roof rack, and at least the Tepui model I’ve tested is built like a tank.

The Installation of the sky camp tent (and most Roof Top Tent) is really easy, and one of the positive points. You can store bedding inside the tent if wanted, and it has a built-in memory foam mattress, which is more comfortable all night.

Once set up, grab the tent from a ladder too. It is quite similar to a normal, heavy canvas tent in many ways just sitting on a flat steel deck on top of your vehicle. On my truck I am about 7 feet off the ground on my cover. With open windows, there is really a wild perspective on camping sites.

Rooftop camper is available in a strange crossroads of RVs and tents, and you will immediately find yourself wondering if you need to pay an RV rate or a tent rate at camping sites. Since I do not use electricity or water, I have allowed myself on the usually more favorable tent rate.

But the setup has some of the advantages of RVs, especially the ability to camp in places you would never want to pitch a tent.

As the outdoor industry plunges into a new era of luxury, alongside the rest of the modern world, dynamism is growing in popularity. As we always seek to get out, we have set our point of view above, finding ways to go out in style. The sky camp tents offer the ideal solution for this outdoor getaway where you can stay in the comfort of your own vehicle.

Forget to work with unruly tent poles and jump on inexpensive metal stakes – not needing energy and energy consumption is not necessary. Spend less time working and more time under the stars with a rooftop tent that unfolds in your own back-country hotel room. Offering an excellent view, protection from insects and curious creatures, and a home that looks cool to sleep, it’s easy to see why we choose a palace of vehicles on an archaic shelter on the ground.


Sky Camp Tent Pros & Cons


The sky camp tent I tested is very comfortable, easy to set up, durable, and weatherproof. It creates a flat surface to sleep on, and I wake well rested. Compared with the common ground-tent, I think I sleep better in general. I can’t speak to all roof top tents, but the heavier materials allow for thick mattresses and great weather protection.

1. The Sky Camp Tent bolts right onto the crossbars of your roof rack with no special skills or tools required.  The Roof top tents weigh from 120-150 lbs so almost any vehicle can handle them. You don’t need a van to live the #vanlife!

2. Once you park your car you can be comfortably resting inside your roof top tent in under two minutes. The stainless steel gas struts make the tent pop up as soon as you unbuckle it.

3. There’s enough room in the roof top tent to store all your bedding right in the tent so it’s always ready and saves the space in your vehicle.

4. With an impermeable fiberglass top and waterproof canvas walls, you will stay warm and dry inside your tent even when momma nature insists on getting you wet.

5. The reinforced fiberglass shell and stainless steel struts mean the tent is durable and will give you years of service.


1.Price is a factor. roof top tents are not cheap (ranging from about $ 1,000 to $ 2,000 or more, and a rack system can add several hundred dollars to the package). Compared to a high quality tent and a sleeping mattress package, the price difference decreases, but the roof system is still much more expensive.

2. Increased vehicle height – When you’ve got a 3″ lift or more, adding another foot onto your roof has you pushing 8′ in height.

3. Higher center of gravity – Try not to roll your rig, any roof top tent owner will tell you that it makes the truck a little more top heavy.

4. Difficult to take on and off (Unless you have a hoist, I hope your friends don’t mind dragging this thing on and off the truck.) – Your roof is already 7ft off the ground, have fun lifting it up to the top of the truck.

Sky Camp Tent FAQs

Q: What about Sky Camp Tent made of hard metal?

A: We have not covered one of these rooftop reviews, but they do exist. The first models appeared in the 1950s and they are still sold today.

Q: Why would I want a camper on the roof instead of just pitching a tent?

A: We have three answers for you: time, ease of use and comfort. It takes much less time to install a top car tent than a tent on the floor. It is also easier to unhook. In addition, you can leave your bedding in place and drive to the next site. Finally, you will have plenty of room to stretch out on a thick, thick mattress that should not be packaged separately.

Q: Is it difficult to install a Sky Camp Tent by jeep?

A: No, it’s not very difficult. Once you have secured it on your vehicle, you just need to take care of setting up with the poles of the camp. Each of these models comes with instructions, but sometimes they are a bit confused to read. Most of them can be ready to use in less than five minutes. Simply practice your driveway before leaving your home. Check out this video below to learn how to mount, package and configure an ARB tent. It will give you a good overview of what to expect.

Like it or not, it’s your choice. Maybe you want to change your camping style someday!