Are you looking for a good sleeping bag so that your children can sleep peacefully in the tent at the campsite or during a mountain camping? Here is some information that might help you.



A quality child sleeping bag is often difficult to find and buy in stores. That is why we have undertaken research with many brands to fill this gap and meet the expectations of our customers in store and online.

Here are our tips and tricks for not getting it wrong:

Child sleeping bag: Standard temperature

It’s simple, no, it is not. Indeed, apart from the CE or NF standard allowing the sale on the French territory, there is simply no standard of temperature for the sleeping bags child. The laboratory tests of EN 13537 have not been designed for children and therefore only concern adult sleeping bags. Moreover, manufacturers often do not risk setting temperatures for children sleeping bags for fear of retaliation and taking responsibility.
But be assured, some brands give some indications like SirJoseph, Pinguin Outodoor Equipment or Mountain Hardwear.
At Montania Sport you can find a sleeping bag for children at low camping temperatures of + 12 ° C, + 8 ° C, + 3 ° C for high altitude camping temperatures and even a junior sleeping bag for use in trekking down to -7 ° C!

Sample construction-interior synthetic sleeping bag

Kids sleeping bag: feather or synthetic down?

Just like adult sleeping bags, it is questionable whether it is better to invest on a light, compact and warm goose down sleeping bag or a slightly heavier and larger sleeping bag in synthetic but easily washable synthetic down.

Synthetic sleeping bag in the grass: no risk, easy to wash :-)

2 factors are decisive to take into account:

1-The use of the sleeping bag

In camping, volume and weight are important. We take the sleeping bag out of the trunk of the car and throw it on the inflatable mat in the tent. A synthetic heavier but cheaper sleeping bag will do very well.
When it is necessary to carry its sleeping bag in its backpack, then volume and weight become very important or even the determining factor. Especially if it is a dad who must carry 2 or 3 sleeping bags in his backpack. In this case, you should have a good 75 + 10L backpack and remove all unnecessary items. No, no game consoles and do not crack 😉

2-The age of the child

If you have the risk of kid’s bedwetting, especially after a day of trekking to kid’s last gourd, or if you are afraid of having to wash regularly this sleeping bag, you can only advise a bag of synthetic down.
For the same reasons of maintenance, whatever the age of the child or the pre-teenager, if it is a night under the stars, without a tent, in the grass, on the beach or on a ground earth, a synthetic sleeping bag will be more suitable. For Scout camps or Cub Scouts, check with the supervising team the type of camps planned (tent or outdoor).
If you finally chose a sleeping bag with a goose feather and you have to wash it in a washing machine, you should know that it is still possible. Nikwax goose down sleeping bag works well the drying of the down by breaking the feather.


Kids sleeping bag: what size to choose?

When you are in sleeping bag store, the question often comes up. The closer the sleeping bag is to the child, the better. He will quickly heat his body and fall asleep easily. The sleeping bag allow at least 10cm and a maximum of 20cm more than the child. There is a range of children’s sleeping bag in 85cm for the smallest, 125cm for the primary and 145cm / 150cm for the pre-teens/juniors. Some models have stretch legs to fit multiple templates (eg, 120 to 145cm) through drawstrings or zippers.

Size of the sleeping bag child: think to plan a little more space :-)

Size of the sleeping bag: think of a little more room for its comfort and let it grow a little over 2/3 years 🙂 And keep a headlight not far away, it is always useful in the middle of the night for the children camping!

Can I buy an adult sleeping bag for a child?

On principle, the answer is yes. It will be necessary to fold the half in the back of the child. But the problem of heating the bag and the temperatures remains the same. A child will find it very hard to warm up in an adult sleeping bag. He will have much air to heat and in the middle of the night, and he will be awakened by the cold weather.
Moreover, by moving, it risks to sink into the sleeping bag and find lost in the dark at night.

Small trick: remember to leave your child with a headlamp available for any waking up in the middle of the night 🙂 Children (especially young children) often wake up in the middle of the night and discover that they are not in bed.

When your child measures about 150cm, the choice obviously turns to an adult sleeping bag in size SHORT often called sleeping bag woman who generally measures 170cm inside. That’s it, it’s a great one!


Kids sleeping bag at Montania:

We have selected a range of 13 models of sleeping bag in stock all year round. Buy, sell online and 48H delivery anywhere in France.

1-Kiki Basic SirJoseph synthetic down sleeping bag
Temperature: + 12 ° C / + 8 ° C / + 2 ° C
Sizes: 85cm, 125cm or 145cm
Color: blue or red
Weight: 600g / 650g

2-The Kiki Down SirJoseph down sleeping bag and goose feather certified origin Europe and manufactured in Europe.
Temperature: + 7 ° C / + 3 ° C / -4 ° C
Sizes: 85cm, 125cm or 145cm
Color: blue or red
Weight: 520g / 560g

3-The Junior Savana 150 sleeping bag from Pinguin Outdoor Equipment in synthetic down Thermicfibre.
Temperature: + 6 ° C / + 1 ° C / -14 ° C
Sizes: less than 150cm
Color: blue
Weight: 950g

4-Mountain Comfort ™ Mountain Goat Adjustable Sleeping Bag in ThermalQ ™ Synthetic Down Fleece.
Temperature: up to -7 ° C
Sizes: 120cm to 145cm
Color: blue, Deep Lagoon
Weight: 990g

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