4 menthods to choose a camping tent for your first camping

This year’s selection of the first tent for those who want to start camping and how to do it

This time is a story of what to start with when starting camping.

I want to start camping, but what should I do and choose the right tent?

One of the stories I write several times on this blog is controversy, “How do beginners first do camping tools?” It is not controversial though. Although I am writing, since there was no article to summarize, I will write what advantages/ disadvantages there are.


Camp debut method 1: buy a model for beginners.

The first method is to buy a model for beginners.

Benefits: It is cheap

The option is often a set of what is called an inner mat laid in a tent and a ground mat laying under a tent. So, it is pretty cheap because it is about $50 in a set.

Disadvantage: I want another tent as soon as I am addicted

As a disadvantage, when you hit the camp you want another tent. Many of the models for beginners can think that only the function corresponding to the price is attached to make the price cheaper.

So, there are quite a few things that are not so durable. Although it can be used for several years if it only camps once a year once a year, the risk of pole breakage due to sudden weather change will be higher than in high-end model tents.

The BC Cross Dome we actually bought for the first time was fueled by strong winds on the fourth occasion and the pole broke.


Camp debut method 2: I buy what I wanted


The next one is to say “I will buy what I wanted” in contrast to method 1 in reverse.

Even if I buy a model for beginners, if it looks a waste of money, I will invest in the first at a stroke.

Benefit: Because it does not cause extra replacement, it may be economical as a result

I do not pay extra for the replacement from the model for beginners so it may be economical as a result. The customer at the beginning took an initial investment in the future.

After that, I feel that the satisfaction level is high as I can use what I like.

Disadvantage: I do not know what is good if I don’t try.

I wonder what I should say. Everything seems to be true, but there are many things you do not know without trying. The camp is the same, there are many things that you do not know until you try camping, and if you try it this function will not be needed, or it will be necessary.

So, it is good that you first invested in thoughtfully, but it can be said that “Eh! Kore is completely subtle!”

Ah! But I think that it is good to abandon the anxiety that “You may not be in camp …”. Depending on how you enjoy it, you can enjoy as much camping as you can.


Camp debut method 3: Use rental service


The third one is rental.

I am going to a campsite with rental service and now the camping equipment rental online service has been on the rise, so many rental choices have increased.

Personally, this method is recommended.
Benefits: You can experience camping cheaply easily

The advantage is that you can easily experience camping cheaply. If you read the above reference article you can understand, but a set of camp sets can be borrowed at around $500.

But, I would like to experience camping anyway! There are services that can rent various tents and try before you buy the tent you want! I can do anything.

Disadvantage: People who like clean are subtle

I did not see many disadvantages of being disadvantaged, but a clean person might be subtle.

Naturally, because I use what others used, I am not good at people who are not good at it …?


Camp debut method 4: Have someone take me


After that, it is a method of being taken to the experienced person. If you have someone who enjoys camping around, it is the most recommended method!

You can ask tents and necessary tools, you can ask questions, you can actually try usability.

Benefits: Variety of experiences

The merit of No. 1 is a sense of security to camp with experienced people.

The first camp is fumbling and fun normally, but almost certainly happens such as the tent does not stand out or the coal does not fire. (That is the moment of enjoyment that is only once in my life)

If you are with experienced people, that will deal with them well and it will be useful for camping only by themselves.

Of course, you will be able to tell me about the recommendation of the tent and it’s okay to have other teachers say “It is better to have this tool!”

Disadvantage: There are no such people inside, right?

There are many patterns that such people are not close to each other in the first place …

But in that case, it is recommended to participate in outdoor events for beginners.

Coleman camp college that was held at Arino enceua the other day was a great event. Starting with the flow of the day, I think that it is very friendly to beginners to learn camping experience, such as setting up a tent and preparing rice.


That was about the camp first choice.

I am sorry that my unexpected article has been lengthened.

At first, I thought it would be better to buy a model for beginners, but recently I recommend you to take it to someone or rental.

Still, I recommend the amenity dome to those who want to buy first. I think that that is a serious tent.

Although it may be decided in a certain sense that investing at a stroke at the beginning, it may be decided, but since there are parts where my style is actually established for the first time actually, it is also difficult to investigate …

As I repeat, camping with rental tent and taking a friend is a good feeling!

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