Some Tips about Choosing Youth Camping Sleeping Bags

The youth camping sleeping bags are designed to fit the body shape of your boy or girl. By having them use an adult sleeping bag, you were condemning your child to a night of misery, shivering and clapping of teeth.

This is because putting a child in an adult sleeping bag leaves plenty of open space.
The open space allows the cold air pockets to form and prevents the optimum performance of the sleeping bag.

While you do not need a sleeping bag for your boys or girls in a neighbor’s basement, youth camping sleeping bags are a must if you plan to camp in Glacier National Park or In any other wilderness. Otherwise, your child may end up hating the outside as much as you like.

Affordable Kid Sleeping Bags

Fortunately, cool sleeping bags for girls and boys have a much more reasonable price than adult sleeping bags.
For only $ 50 to $ 100 you can get a high-end sleeping bag and make sure your child will have a healthy and healthy night sleep during the camping.
Although some youth camping sleeping bags cost only $ 20 to $ 30, I would recommend sticking to your mind. These are more youth camping sleeping bags, designed for pedestrians inside.
For camping, especially in an American National Park or State Forest, it is worth investing an extra $ 50 in your child’s health.
Even the best kids sleeping bags cost no more than 100 dollars and are light enough to be brought back in a backpack and taken for an overnight hike.

Kids Sleeping Bag Features

The fact is that boys and girls are generally needier outdoors than parents might be.
Youth Camping Sleeping bags take this into consideration when designing a sleeping bag for boys or girls, including the extra comforts that can benefit a child, such as:
Interior design – Many kids sleeping bags have cool designs inside. Not important for backpacker parents – very important for children
Pillow pocket – Your child will sleep comfortably with a pillow and sleeping bags for young people create pillow pockets for this reason
Increased Water Resistance – Children are messy, so kids sleeping bags use materials that increase the water resistance of the sleeping bag


Boy & Girl Sleeping Bag Reviews


Searching the internet for the best youth sleeping bags is exhausting. So, I’ve done the research for you.

Below is a list of what many consider to be the best in kid sleeping bags to ensure your boy or girl has a healthy night of sleep. After all, who wants a grump or sick kid around, which may ruin your family vacation?

Cold Weather Child Sleeping Bag

Montana evenings can get cold, even in the summer. If you are planning to camp in cold weather environments, your kid needs a sleeping bag that can handle the extremes.

Cold weather US National Parks include anything outside of the southeast or southwest, such as:

  • Yellowstone
  • Grand Tetons
  • Glacier National Park
  • Yosemite
  • Denali
  • Any National Park in the Northeast

For cold weather environments, a +15 or +20 degree kids sleeping bag is required. When it comes to youth sleeping bags for cold weather camping, the consensus is clear: nothing beats the Big Agnes Wolverine.

These kids sleeping bag includes all the best features, such as a pillow pocket, mummy design to trap and maintain warmth, stain and water resistance and weighs only 2 lbs 15 ounces.

Lightweight Youth Sleeping Bags

If you are planning an overnight backpacking trip with your boy or girl, a lightweight & cold weather kid sleeping bag is required to meet the demands.

For forays into the backcountry, no child slumber bag can compete with the North Face Tigger.

Clocking in at 2 pounds, 1 ounce, many adult sleeping bags are brought into the backcountry and weigh more. Additional benefits include:

  • Mummy design to maximize heat retention
  • Water resistant material
  • Includes a stuff sack and storage bag

The only downside to the North Face child sleeping bag is that it lacks a pillow pocket. However, if your boy or girl is tough enough to rough it in the backcountry, I think they can handle life without a pillow pocket.

Cheap Youth Sleeping Bags

By cheap, I don’t mean in material, design or overall product. Cheap in this instance means the best product for your hard-earned dollar, and in this economy, who doesn’t want to maximize their money’s worth?

Lately, REI has been delivering award-winning outdoor and camping equipment while slashing its price tag when compared to big name brands, such as North Face, Big Agnes, & Marmot.

This is the same in their boy and girl sleeping bag product line.

REI’s Kindercone Boy/Girl Sleeping Bag costs 1/3 less than competitive child-sleeping bags from big brands and accomplishes much of the same.

Since the Kindercone weighs 3 pounds, I would not recommend it for overnight hiking trips. Also, it is a +30 degree sleeping bag, which means it may not be ideal for Montana weather.

Still, since you would only use this sleeping bag while car camping in the front country, you can always throw an extra blanket or two in the tent to ensure your child stays warm through the night.

If you are looking for a discounted boy or girl sleeping bag, it does not get better than REI’s Kindercone.

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