Hilleberg Niak Tent Review

This Hilleberg Niak tent is undoubtedly a quality product. It is impossible to break, easy to mount, ultralight. 


In its range of lightweight tents, the Swedish manufacturer Hilleberg offers the Hilleberg Niak Tent, weighing 1.6 kg (1.7 kg with sardines), designed for one and a half people (two people in a gauge normal tight or a single person in the palace mode). This self-supporting dome type tent, with a side entrance and a single

This self-supporting dome type tent, with a side entrance and a single apse can also be transformed into a tarp by removing the room. Created with the best materials (Kerlon 1000), it is sold as a 3 season tent at a price that can surprise more than one: 799,90 €! Is it really worth its price?


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The Niak is part of the Yellow Label range, with a priority given to lightness. These 3-season tents are designed for longer or shorter trips, on not too abrasive grounds (so it’s not an adventure tent). Compared to other brands, Hilleberg is very high-end (for comparison, the MSR Hubba Hubba tent costs 355 €). The Yellow Label includes 4 tents: the Niak (1,7kg for € 785), the Anjan 2 (1,8kg for € 725), the Anjan 2 GT (2,1 kg for € 850 ) and the Rogen (2.1 kg for 850 €). This Niak turns out to be an entry-level Hilleberg at the price level, but remains the lightest in terms of weight.


Technical sheet Hilleberg Niak
Capacity 2 persons
Type Dome
use  3 seasons
Colors  Green or red, with yellow interior
Ground sheet  Coated Nylon / Polyurethane 50D
Interior Canvas  Nylon Ripstop 10D
Double roof Kerlon 1000
hoops Dac Featherlite NSL 9mm aluminum
sardines Tri-Pegs aluminum
overtures 1
apses  1
Interior dimensions 220 x 110 cm
Maximum height 100 cm
Weight 1600 g
Recommended retail price  799,90 €

The notes of the draft

Price / performance ratio:4_star (4/5)

Mounting :  5_star(5/5)

Inside Life : 4_star  (4/5)

Weather resistance : 4.5_star (4,5 / 5)

Robustness : 5_star(5/5)

Dimensions : 5_star(5/5)


Our Review


The assembly of the tent is intuitive. The double roof and the interior are joined by hooks (they can be separated if necessary, to dry or to make a tarp), so one finally assembles only one tent: two arches 9 mm in diameter, long of 3.70m, which assemble with an elastic . No cross-mounting, only these two hoops to slip into the fabric provided for this purpose. It is therefore impossible to make a mistake in editing! These arches position themselves by themselves, there is no “exit” in the fabric. On the other side, there is a rather large mouthpiece, where one does not force to slip the arch. A strap tightens and locks everything. It’s a breeze to climb on your own!

The assembly time is approximately 5 minutes. We can count 2 minutes to mount the hoops, put them in the fabric and set up the tent. Then there are 10 sardines to be driven into the ground. The longest always remains to find the right place to sleep! The V Pegs sardines are very well thought out. The set of 10 is in aluminum and they make 16 cm for 11 grams each.They have a small cord that is used to remove them once they are in the ground. This detail is paramount, and it adds an ease to dismantling. Just pull on the rope: finished to take another sardine to remove the first, finished fingering the fingers … Another very practical detail, the color! The sardines are yellow, which makes it possible not to lose them. Concerning the resistance, I did not twist a single sardine during the whole duration of the test.

Rating: 5_star (5/5)


Hilleberg-Niak © Maud Devouassoux


Inside Life

The tent is for 1 person and a half. For two people, it’s a little tight, it requires organization and not being built like firemen! By cons alone, it is a palace, one can sleep diagonally!



The living space is quite large: 220 cm long, 120 cm wide and 100 cm high for the inner tent. We sit easily in the tent, and for sleeping, we have 60 cm each, the standard size of a mattress. That’s enough. The tent has two pockets, one at each end. They are not very large, but can easily contain all important things: papers, headlamp storage bag, book for the night …

The inside of the tent is quite clear; by day, one can easily stay in without a lamp. The interior color is pleasant, slightly red, soothing.The apse is 65 cm longest. The pyramidal shape of the apse allows only one bag, or even two, to be stored, but on the other hand condemns the exit of the tent. It’s a bit limited in terms of space. Quickly business affects the web so they can potentially end wet or damp.

Positive, the output is easy because the opening is great. You can choose to open a pan or both. The moisture is evacuated efficiently because the outer fabric does not descend to the ground. The tent loses a bit of heat, but on the other hand, it is dry every day (and warm, the humidity causing a great sensation of cold).

Rating: 4_star (4/5)



Weather resistance

The Niak seems very resistant to wind. However, I did not have wind during my stays, but quite a lot of rain. 4 of the sardines are used to anchor the tent to the ground, at the level of the arches. Four others are used to stretch the double stays, located at half height, thanks to an ingenious system easy to use, which does not hurt the hands and which locks automatically. Finished to force like a donkey to have a tent that does not fly in the wind. Having double shrouds saves weight without losing strength and strength. The last two sardines are used to tighten the double roof on the door side and on the other side.

Hilleberg-Niak_11 Hilleberg-Niak_09


The tent is waterproof. The double roof is in Kerlon 1000: nylon ripstop 66 20 deniers siliconne 3 layers, with a water column 2000 mm. I had a lot of rain during my stays, and I never had any worries. In the morning, we remove the sardines and we shake a little the tent, all the drops of water left. It’s comfortable! The space between the double roof and the room is enough, no worry to have in terms of humidity. In addition, the zip closure is covered with a strip of fabric, so no infiltration on this side. The heat brought is not consistent. Once you’re in the tent, you’re fine. But the aeration is too efficient, so we lose some heat. However, for a 3 season tent, this is very satisfactory. The floor mat is strong (50 denier polyurethane coated nylon): no weakness, no scratching, no problem to report. The ground is waterproof (water column 5000 mm), you can camp in the rain without any worry!


Rating: 4.5_star (4.5 / 5)



The tent is very resistant. Hilleberg did not do things by half by selecting all the best materials of the moment to build his products. The double roof has a tear strength of 6 kg. The seams are of quality. The cursors are YKK, which is the best on the market at the moment. The poles (Dac Featherlite NSL) are also solid with 9 mm diameters. The sardines are long (16 cm) and have not twisted once during the entire test. No unnecessary frills; we go to the essential : no arcs in all directions, no thousands of guys, only two zippers, a quick and simplified assembly …As a result, the tent is not easily damaged, or even impossible to break.

Rating: 5_star (5/5)





The total weight of the tent is 1.6 kg, it is an ultralight tent for a two-seater tent. Once folded, the bag is 45 cm * 15 cm. This is very acceptable for a tent. The carrying bag is of good quality, strong and resistant. One can simply slip it on a backpack, without other protection, without being afraid to damage it. The storage bag is wide, we have no difficulty in entering the tent. It is a pleasure, there is nothing more annoying than to galley to put away a tent in the morning in the rain.

Rating: 5_star (5/5)




General overview

This Hilleberg Niak tent is undoubtedly a quality product. It is impossible to break, easy to mount, ultralight. For a couple or a single person wishing to travel lightly, the size is ideal. On the other hand, in terms of price, the tent is very expensive , and even if its lifetime is surely remarkable, the investment is substantial. It is a calculation to be made, but in any case, if you have the means to buy such a tent, you will not regret it.


Price-performance ratio: 4_star4/5


We liked

We liked it less

• Ease of installation, very intuitive
• Color, visible for safety, and creating a pleasant interior environment
• Ultra light weight
• Strength and unbreakable side
• The price
• The apse is very limited in place

Test conditions

• Tester: Maud Devouassoux (1.70m, 60kg)

• Test conditions: Tent tested on Mont Blanc towers during the summer. She also made a crossing of Switzerland during a bicycle trip. The bivouac sites were organized (camping) during the tours of Mont Blanc, and wild in Switzerland.

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