How to Attach Sleeping Bag to Backpack?

Whether it’s your first ever trip or you have been to over hundreds of trips, you still find it quite a lot of work when it comes to attaching your sleeping bag to backpack. It is not at all an easy task, to be honest. However, packing your backpack the right way will give you the right control and balance over your backpack.

When it comes to attaching your sleeping bag to the backpack, it largely depends on the type of your backpack. You may use a backpack that you carry to college or you might use the backpack solely for trips, what you need to concentrate is whether the backpack has external frames or internal frames.

If your backpack has external frames then you may consider attaching the sleeping bag to the outside of your backpack. And if your backpack has internal frames, store the bag inside the backpack.

Here are a few tips on how to attach the sleeping bag to your backpack—

  • Most of the sleeping bags that are designed for backpacks come with a compression sack. So put the sleeping bag in its compression sack. That will minimize the size of the sleeping bag.
  • Pull the cords of the compression sack on each side. That will tighten the compression sack. Make sure you compress it evenly on the both sides.
  • Remember to cover your sleeping bag with a dry plastic cover or any plastic cover. That will protect your sleeping bag from moisture or rain. Fully seal the plastic.
  • If you want to store your sleeping bag inside the backpack, then store it at the bottom of your backpack. You will see many backpacks have the facility of storing the sleeping bag in a specific compartment in the backpack. If you have one those facilities then consider storing your sleeping bag in that compartment. When you keep your sleeping bag inside the backpack, it stays more safe and protected.
  • If you want to attach your sleeping bag outside your backpack then you need to load all the other stuffs inside first. Pack your backpack according the method. The heavier items will be at the top directly against your back and centered in the pack, the lighter items should be at the bottom and the slightly heavy items should be kept in the mid-upper part.
  • Now when it comes to attaching your sleeping bag at the outside of your backpack, attach it at the lower part of your external frame. As you know, the sleeping bag is slightly heavy; you need to keep the sleeping bag as close to your back as possible. That will balance your backpack while you are carrying it. How to attach it? Get a pair of accessory straps to wrap around and then lash the sleeping bag to the frame.
  • You need to wrap the straps around the lash points of the backpack. Now center the sleeping bag just under the main backpack. After that, place each strap a few inches away from each end of the sleeping bag.
  • In order to secure your sleeping bag on the pack, tighten both the straps. Make sure it only moves when the pack moves; not independently.

Attaching the sleeping bag to your backpack is easy. All you have to do is follow the steps and you are good to go.

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