How to Choose A Best Hand Crank Radio

Nobody need a crank radio just to listen to the local radio station while pulling weeds in the house backyard before.

But someone begin to pay attention to the emergency crank radio recently as the severe weather and emergencies like fires in California 2017.

It should also be remembered that if you are a wildlife lover, who loves hiking and camping with a backpack, you should have an emergency radio. Without the right equipment, you will be trapped by sudden storms without leaving civilization. If you spend time strolling, boating, cycling or walking with a backpack outdoors, it’s a good idea to have a reliable emergency crank radio that will save your life by listening the alarm on the radio.

It’s wise to have a crank radio for several reasons in harsh conditions. In case of natural disaster or serious threat, it is important to be able to receive radio programs and alarms. Radiocommunication is one of the most important factors we consider when building an effective set of survival tools in the core. Depending on the situation, radiocommunication may be the only way to receive important information – does your emergency kit or emergency backpack contain reliable radios?

Emergency crank radios products change fast in the recently years. They are more compact, energy efficient and affordable. Hand-crank and solar powered radios are the answer to your radio lifeline – appliances with their own power supply do not come out when using ordinary batteries. In addition, most emergency crank radios have built a small set of features to support your survival like built-in emergency flashlight and power banks, which gives them more power to help you in severe cases. Some of these radios are also impressive in motion – some weigh only half a pound! The size, weight and durability of some emergency radios make it an ideal hiking companion when you want to leave the desert or just wander through the woods. You may consider adding a emergency crank radio to the list of your Emergency Car Kit or placing the radio under the player just in case. Regardless of whether you met or an outdoor survival tool, having a self powered crank radio is a real idea.

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Buying Guides

There has many brands/functions emergency crank radio on the market like, but what’s the difference and which one would be suit for me?

1. The first biggest concern should be if the radio can get NOAA Weather & Alert Radio(More info can be found on Wikipedia). This should be more than enough for you if you don’t need anything else like a local radio channel or similar. There are some expensive products that can tune in to other frequency bands, including radios that are two-way. These can be useful if you plan on using these other bands or the two-way communication system built-in the radio, but otherwise, simple radios receiving NOAA’s alerts can be all you need.

Therefore it’s good to look for specific labels that some radios come with. These are ‘Public Alert’ and ‘NOAA NWR All Hazards’. You should see these logos on the radio. These two standards are the most popular and are even competitive to each other, but they are both evaluated by NOAA and the National Weather Service.

Basically, these stickers mean that these emergency crank radio follow certain technical specifications and can receive local broadcasts and alerts. They also have indications for the visually impaired and hard of hearing, respectively vibration signals and visual signals such as light, when an alert is issued.


2.The second thing, Please consider an crank radio with SAME(Specific Alert Message Encoding) technology. It can let you get the the alerts that you want to know what happen and where by entering zip code. If you go camping to an unfamiliar places, the crank radio with this function would helpful.

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3.As it calls emergency crank radio, so don’t forget the emergency features like flashlight, compass, dog whistle, powerbank, mobile device charger and more. Each tool you have in a survival situation is important, and these features can help you find your way and guide you if you are lost. They also attract attention if you need help and keep you connected to you by charging for your phone with USB port.

My favorite thing about this emergency radio is that it has 3 different ways to charge it: cables, solar, and hand-crank. If you want to buy a crank radio, this 3 ways will be enough for you.

There has another important parameter for these radios for your outdoor life and emergency circumstances . The best emergency crank radio should be water resistant and can withstand shocks, falls and jostling. Your radio must be able to handle the weather, especially during extreme weather.




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