How To Choose Camping Sleeping Pad

How to choose Camping Sleeping Pad

I believe that most of the young people should have camping experience, perhaps in corps activities may be on new, perhaps community activities. But I want to emphasize is that now the camp and was actually a great difference.

Camping activities can be divided into two kinds of Camping Hiking Camping and RV, simple principle is: hiking camping equipment, is your own back to camp, walking on foot to get RV; while camping equipment is a car for you, and the car can drive directly to the camp. Therefore, these two kinds of camping essence there is a big difference. Climbing camping equipment is also afraid of fear, so the equipment will be as concise as possible, everything will be as lightweight. While RV is the car for you because camping load, so the equipment is not afraid of RV camping, afraid.

RV camping site are mostly water supply, and there will be a bathroom, so that you can wash a comfortable hot bath, so long as suitable for carrying equipment, and well planned, RV camp is a very enjoyable thing.

So, what is the most important camping equipment? Is the tent? Right. In fact, the most important equipment is not a tent. It’s the mattress(sleeping pad).


A good sleeping pad lets you go to heaven

Sleep well happy this thing, in fact the decision you will want to continue on the dew later. I hear a lot of people on a whim because of a friend’s invitation, attended the camp, but because there is no equipment on hand, with borrow, rent. Results in a thin sleeping pad lying on a one night, sleep not to say, the next day it also backache, what playfulness is gone, just hurry home sleep. May have ruined his future ten years of interest in camping this evening.

So I often want to go camping with friends, sleep well it’s the key for camping. If you only want to buy a piece of equipment, do not buy a tent, but to buy a better sleeping pad. Tents can rent, but you must not rent to sleep up and cool and comfortable thermarest pad .

So, to make the camping thing a pleasure rather than a chain, the most important thing is to have a sleeping pad for camping that is comfortable enough to sleep in.

Camping commonly used sleeping pad foam mattress, inflatable mattress, inflatable sleeping pad and automatic set both a mattress. In addition to providing support to the body during sleep, can you stop from the ground cold in cold weather. Can provide support with foam sleeping pad isolation ability depends on its thickness, the thicker the of course, sleep more comfortable, but because the foam is difficult to compress things, if a family of four to go camping with foam mattress, the volume of equipment it will take a large part. Self inflating pads slightly more foam sleeping pad can be compressed, but it is still inside the filler, so the folding size or for large inflatable mattress.

The first time when I go camping. The lake, with a two inch thick automatic inflatable sleeping pad, to tell the truth, sleep very uncomfortable. Later to buy Snow Peak TP-670 tent, do a little homework, found that most of the comments to the Outdoor base happy hour air mattress, not only slept say, some people say “since bought a happy time, and have not seen the sunrise”. So I bought this with the inflatable mattress, with so many times, it really didn’t make me regret.

Happy time L size size is about 200cm * 250cm, is larger than the standard King size mattress, a family of four sleep no problem at the top. It has a manual air pump two built-in, as long as the plug, by hand press continue, can help inflate the mattress. The pep talk looks like a CPR, and it takes about ten minutes to fill the mattress. I played once think this is too tired, so to buy a deflated inflatable dual-purpose electric pumps, in addition to inflation as long as three minutes, bleeding when you can pull it to dry flat, up relatively small volume.

But even though I find it hard to inflate manually, the child is very fond of it. Every time I rush to push that built-in pump, I don’t have any chance to pump it with an electric pump.


The secret of good sleep

The secret of a happy hour sleeping comfortably lies in its interior design. It has a cylindrical gas column, like an independent cylinder spring with independent mattresses. Besides providing good support, the most important thing is to avoid the interaction of different regions.
An inflatable mattress is like a large balloon. When you put pressure on some of it, the pressure must be reflected in other areas. Without the design of an independent gas column, someone else will definitely feel the shock when someone on the mattress is turned over. When someone sits up on a mattress, because of the same weight, the smaller one gets stuck deeper and the rest of the mattress gets bounced up. The independent gas column can limit the deformation caused by the disturbance of this pressure to the smallest area so that people on the mattress do not interact with each other.
Another common inflatable mattress brand is Intex, which is much cheaper than a fun hour and has a totally different structure. According to the advertising material, its internal structure is like this:

It is formed by the structure of a piece of ribbed. Because the structure is only one direction, so the cross straight sleep with sleep should feel will be very different. I didn’t lie Intex mattress, but evaluation on the Internet without joy time, most people still complain about stability, too is sleeping in it would interfere with each other. But it’s a lot cheaper than joy…

Other accessories
Sleep, besides the mattress, still need the pillow and the quilt
The traditional camping multipurpose sleeping bag, mainly because of the ability to obtain best warm sleeping bag method with the smallest volume. But if you are not in a very cold place for camping, sleeping bags might not necessarily be necessary. But artificial fiber bag because of expansion coefficient, the time is not good.
The pillow is another problem. Some people can sleep without a pillow, a folding pad with folding clothes will be able to sleep; some people can use inflatable pillow sleep very well; but some people have to sleep in a normal pillow to sleep.
Finally, I would like to stress, sleep this thing is really the most important thing in the camp. You will love camping when chosen the right sleeping pad.

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