How To Clean A Camping Tent

How to clean a outdoor camping tent


Participate in outdoor camping and other activities, outdoor tents are always indispensable equipment. But how do we clean and maintain it after we’ve finished using it? The following are the main points for attention.

1. Clean the inside and outside the tent, the ground nails, poles, mainly cleaning mud, grass, dust, snow, and rain, insects and so on.

2. Outdoor tents must not be washed machine, otherwise, it will completely damage the tent coating, glue, so that your tent scrap, water available

Cleaning method, hand rubbing, the use of non alkaline detergent, in particular the dirty parts you can use to scrub, do not use the brush to scrub hard goods tents, waterproof coating flysheet will damage the tent, destroy the waterproof.

3. Cean outdoor tent, the most important point is to put up the tent in ventilated place to dry thoroughly, especially the gauze tent, when cleaning, must rinse the detergent, fully dry, otherwise it will make the fabric mildew together, reduce the service life of the outdoor tent, affect your next trip.

4. After the outdoor tent is completely dry, it does not have to be folded by the original lines. It is stored in the original packing bag. If repeatedly folded according to the original grain, the crease will harden and crack, and the waterproof layering will also be damaged. In fact, free to roll up the outdoor tent can be stored when not pressed by a heavy outdoor tent, the best individual with a small box installed, and other outdoor equipment stored together, to facilitate future travel.


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