How To Close A Pop Up Tent

When it’s time to leave the camp and go home, people get frustrated often as they try to close their pop-up tent and fit it into the carrying bag. Even something as small as a three-person pop-up tent seems unable to bend back into the size it came from. You can easily complete this task if you know the correct order to make the folds.

Let’s begin to Close or Fold Pop Up Tent.

1. Collapse tent. Make sure the tent is empty and clean inside. Remove the poles and let the tent collapse on itself.

2. Smooth the tent with your hands and make sure the fabric that was the top of the tent was as flat as possible on the bottom of the tent.

3. Fold the outside corners on one side of the tent just past the center of the pop up tent. Smooth the fold with your hands, starting at the back of the tent and smoothing forward to force the air that is trapped inside. Repeat this with the other side of the pop up tent.

4. Close the pop up tent in half lengthwise. Bring the folded edge from one side to the other, so that the two folded edges of step 3 are together. Smooth the tent again, moving from the back to the front.

5. Begin rolling your tent, starting from the back and advancing. After a few turns of the roll, smooth the folded tent a few centimeters in front of you to prevent air from being trapped in the roller. When the entire tent is wrapped, fill the tent in the tent bag to store it.


1. Adjust the folds slightly so you are not folding the tent in the exact same place each time. This prevents the waterproof coating from cracking along those lines.

2.Never fold and store a wet or damp tent, which will cause mildew to form.


Set Up The Pop Up Tent

Before setting up the Pop Up Tent, clear any sharp sticks and rocks from the ground where you’ll be placing the tent. Open the carry bag and remove the tent. Unclip the buckle strap that holds the tent closed (Fig 1). The tent will unfold by itself into the ready-for-use position (Fig 2).

Next, stake the (6) loops around the base of the tent (Fig 3) and the (3) guy lines (Fig 4). Finally, open the condesation vent (Fig 5). That’s all it takes! The pop up tent set up is finished and you’re free to spend your time having fun!

Take Down The Pop Up Tent

Before you close the Pop Up Tent, be sure to remove the (9) stakes and place them in the stake bag. Wipe the bottom of the tent clean and make sure the tent is vented to allow air to escape when folding. You can properly vent the tent by leaving a window or the door partially unzipped.

Closing the Pop Up Tent is accomplished by performing a few simple moves. Once you get the hang of it, taking down the tent will be almost as quick as setting it up!

Fold The Pop Up Tent Into An Oval

Bring all (4) frame pieces together and hold them with one hand (Fig 6 and Fig 7).

Turn the pop up tent to the vertical position with the buckle strap on the bottom half (Fig 8 and Fig 9). Twist the top half of the tent with your other hand until it is flat (Fig 10).

Fold the top half of the tent over the bottom half of the tent to create an oval shape (Fig 11, 12 and 13). You should not feel any resistance during his step; the tent should almost fold by itself. If any resistance is encountered, go back to the previous step and make sure you have the tent positioned properly.

Pack away a pop up tent

Stand the oval shape on its side (Fig 14). Bend the oval into a figure 8 by moving one hand towards you and one hand away from you while pushing down (Fig 15, 16 and 17).

Bend one half of the figure 8 over the other half to create a small circle (Fig 18, 19 and 20).

Secure And Store The Pop Up Tent
Connect the buckle strap around the folded tent (Fig 21). Place the folded tent and the stake bag into the round carry bag (Fig 22). Your Pop Up Tent can be easily stored until your next adventure!

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