How To Fold A Pop Up Shower Tent?

Narrow, vertical and pop-up shower tents can be used for camping privacy, portable pop up camping shower, toilets, changing rooms or solar camping showers.

The Portable Pop-up tent is a great way to make a private shelter for toilet, changing clothes or just camping.Compact size by folding to be a mat. Carrying bag with handles for taking along. Perfect for trade shows, clothing vendors with booths at a street fair etc.

They are extremely easy to set up but can be frustrating to bend and remove them. Read these instructions, check out the most technical, written that came with your particular tent; Practice at home before your departure!

1. Straighten the tent, fold it, and lay it flat on the floor. Stand at the top of the tent (the narrower, more rounded end). Grasp the top of the tent with one hand on each side, on the curved part of the top of the tent. Start gently pushing the top of the tent against your waist, using your body to hold it by letting the lower part of the tent touch you the floor.

2. Start to raise your arms slightly, pushing the top of the tent toward your body and down. Your hands will be lined up near your ribs, slightly higher than the top of the tent, which is still at your waist. The bottom of the tent will be touching, or almost touching, the ground falling from its weight … Leave the sail of the tent of your waist to your raised hands, which approach your chest, then go down where the majority He goes to the ground.

3. Bring your hands together so they touch almost while pulling your hands towards your body as if you are going to touch both hands to your heart. Take a few steps down the tent so that now your feet are at the bottom of the tent that started to curl under. The tent should now look more like a crescent moon, with the bottom on the ground, the middle bending away from you then crossing your hands and the top next to your body.

4. Let one hand be on top so that its side of the tent overlaps with the other hand. At the same time, lower the arms towards the ground to make the tent fall on itself, so that the sides of the tent, one of each hand, pass one to the other, and all this part Collapses on other parts of the tent that have curled up as you do all this.

5. Store the tent. It should now be in the shape of a circle / oval and stay together very well. Detach the loose fabric where necessary and pack it in its carrying bag. Praise yourself for having passed the tent pop-up pot and have a nice drink.

When we go to the beach and want to change into our swimsuits we just pop up this in the sand. If we want to use the restroom we will pop it open put our portable toilet with us and there we are. We even have one pop up┬átent for showers. On the back of our van. These things are so awesome portable and collapsed and you could put it behind or underneath your seat. You going to love this if you’re an outdoorsy person and want privacy.

How to fold a pop up shower tent – YouTube

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