Hyke and Byke 32 F Ultralight Mummy Down Sleeping Bag Review

Finding the best sleeping bag can be difficult. There are so many to choices on the market, they all have different objects and include unique features. However, do not be overwhelmed by the process of choosing a sleeping bag. The first step is to determine the type of weather and at what time of the year you will need a sleeping bag.

For example, if you are looking to buy a sleeping bag that can keep you warm and comfortable on cold nights, then the Ultra-Moment Down Sleeping Bag Hyke and Byke Shavano 32 F could be a good sleeping bag for that you can look at.



The Hyke and Byke Shavano 32 F Ultralight sleeping bag comes in two sizes, making it perfectly suited to people on all sides, although individuals of 6’6 “and under are the targeted customers. While this sleeping bag is designed for feeling comfortable, it still has plenty of room to accommodate people who twist and turn when they sleep.In addition, this sleeping bag can be used in any place that stays above 32 degrees Fahrenheit.

review of hyke and byke sleeping bag

Examination of the sleeping bag hyke and byke

Despite being able to manage only temperatures of 32 degrees and above, the Ultralight Mummy sleeping bag has several unique features, such as cords near the shoulders and head, designed to keep people warm during the nights of cooling. In addition, this sleeping bag is made from durable materials that will prevent it from tearing easily.

Although it is not a good sleeping bag to use in glacial climates, and that there is a small possibility, it will have a faulty zipper, it is always a reliable sleeping bag which will provide you with all the necessary tools to sleep a whole night on the trail.


The Hyke and Byke Shavano Ultralight Mummy sleeping bag is a good sleeping bag for hikers throughout the year and camping. It has been specifically designed to keep people warm in climates as cold as 32 degrees Fahrenheit. However, its real ability to keep people warm is heavily debated among customers. Therefore, if you want to be on the right side, it is best to stick to the campsite in the fall and spring.


Overall, this Hyke and Byke sleeping bag has a good reputation for keeping backpackers warm, dry and comfortable throughout the year. Do not be discouraged by its affordable price. This sleeping bag gives its competition a run for its money.


Whether you’re buying regular or long waist, the Ultralight Mummy Sleeping Bag is compact enough when packed in its bag. When wrapped, the normal size compresses to 5.7 x 6.5 x 12.4 inches and the long waist compresses up to 5.9 x 6.7 x 12.6 inches.

Weight of the sleeping bag

In addition, there are cinch straps that curl on each side of the stack of materials. Therefore, the straps will help to compress the sleeping bag to its smallest size, which makes it very quick and easy to package.

While the size is slightly higher than that of another light sleeping bag, the Ultralight Mummy can still fit comfortably in a backpack, leaving plenty of room for other hiking equipment.

The look of the Hyke sleeping bag and Byke Mummy is similar to other bags in momic style. In fact, you might not think it’s something special at first glance, but the Hyke and Byke sleeping bag has an extremely functional design. This will make you really feel a mummy when you squeeze into this comfortable but comfortable sleeping bag.

The bag has a double zipper, which allows it to zip and unzip it up or down, which facilitates entry and exit. Individuals can also empty the top zipper. This way, there is no chance of closing the zipper while you sleep overnight.

YKK zipper sleeping bag

Overall, the design of this sleeping bag offers maximum comfort and warmth when most needed.

This sleeping bag is designed to be durable. The duck is not damaged when it is compressed into the material bag. The bag is made of 400T 20 D ripstop nylon fabric, which is an extremely durable material.

The Ripstop fabric is woven together in a crochet pattern, which makes it tear resistant. The 20 D seam does not have the highest fiber density, but it is still quite strong. As a general rule, 20 D are strong enough to prevent the seams from spreading, while reducing the weight of the sleeping bag.

However, there have been many problems with the YKK zippers. Many customers have had problems with the zipper blocked. It is possible that the zipper is blocked so often because the teeth are not wide enough.


Many sleeping bags that can be used all year and claim to be lightweight, are not lightweight. Often, they still weigh about 4 pounds. Some customers may not consider the Ultralight Mummy Ultralight Sleeping Bag because of the fact that 3-season sleeping bags can be even lighter. However, this sleeping bag is very close to being ultralight.

weight of the sleeping bag

The regular size weighs only 2.09 pounds and the long waist weighs only 2.44 pounds. Therefore, both sizes weigh less than 2.5 pounds. Maybe 2.5 pounds looks a lot like a weight when you have to carry other equipment, but considering that this bag can keep you warm in climates as cold as 32 degrees Fahrenheit, it’s definitely worth it.


There are a few factors that probably have priority when you look at different sleeping bags. How much does it weigh? What is sustainability? And how warm is he?

If you are an individual who is hiking or camping in cold climates, you need a sleeping bag that will keep you warm. However, if you are camping in warmer climates, you need a sleeping bag that will not burn you during the night either.

The Ultralight Mummy sleeping bag offers a good balance for hikers and campers who have to use it every season. Although it is not built for freezing temperatures, it is designed to keep people warm on nights that can be as cold as 32 degrees Fahrenheit.

heat of the sleeping bag

Made with duck, this sleeping bag is washed, providing a good layer of insulation. There are also some additional features that allow to block the heat on cold nights. With a foot box at the bottom of the sleeping bag, there are several cords that can be pulled to tighten the bag and keep the heat trapped around the shoulders and face.

There are reports that this sleeping bag has failed to keep people warm once temperatures drop below 40 degrees Fahrenheit. There are even reports that this bag can not handle a climate of 50 degrees. However, a random manufacturer defect or insufficient bag breakdown could be the problem.

The majority of individuals have no worry about staying warm in colder climates. Some have even reported that when they wore multiple layers, this sleeping bag kept them in colder climates than 32 degrees Fahrenheit.



Since it is a sleeping bag for moms, it is supposed to feel warm and comfortable. However, just because the mom’s sleeping bags are supposed to feel comfortable, this does not mean they should tighten. Fortunately, the Hyke bag and Byke Mummy offers plenty of room for individuals to twist and turn.

Dimensions of the sleeping bag

The exact dimensions of this sleeping bag are not included. However, according to Hyke and Byke, the regular size can fit individuals up to 6’1 “and the long waist can accommodate individuals up to 6’6”.

Even if the exact dimensions are not provided on a website, prospective customers should not be concerned if they fit comfortably or not. The high recommendation of Hyke and Byke seems to be reliable. There does not seem to be any complaints about the size of this sleeping bag.

Beginner hikers may not realize the importance of having a weatherproof sleeping bag. Beginners may make the mistake of thinking that their tent will keep them completely protected from rain, wind, snow and other harsh weather conditions. However, tents are not infallible.

They can become ripped, allowing the wind to cross. Or they could leak, causing moisture inside the tent. Therefore, it is always an innovative idea to have a sleeping bag that can protect you if your tent fails.


The Ultralight Mummy sleeping bag is a good option, which comes in five assorted colors, for all individuals. Short and tall individuals can buy the size that suits them. Even individuals around the maximum recommended height should find this sleeping bag to be spacious instead of claustrophobic. Although, as it is a momic sleeping bag, it is designed to have a tight fit to keep the heat trapped better.

Although this sleeping bag is not advertised as a 3-season sleeping bag, it is best to avoid using it during the winter when it is iced. However, in climates that do not fall below 32 degrees Fahrenheit, this sleeping bag will keep you warm. Due to the cords near the shoulders and face, as well as the crate and duck layer down, staying warm should not be a problem despite some customer reports.

Some customers reviews on Amazon.com

” Good sleeping bag, that’s well made and very comfortable and lightweight perfect for backpacking! I used it on a 6-day backpacking trip in the California Eastern Sierra during August. Most of the time spent above 10000 feet! So the nights were a little nippy. Inside

Most of the time spent above 10000 feet! So the nights were a little nippy. Inside tent while sleeping I had a watch with thermometer capability and was able to track inside temps. Needless to say the coldest inside temp one night was 36 degrees, and I was a little too cold even to an uncomfortable level, sleep was disturbed by this fact.

This was despite wearing lightweight silky thermal long johns and long sleeve shirt, which are light duty, not very warm thermals and a beanie to keep my head warm. I also didn’t wear any socks and forgot my old trick of stuffing the footing area with other clothing I planned on wearing the next day and also for extra insulation and warmth as my feet almost always get cold.

I learned my lesson after that and the next night sleeping in much higher elevation around 11060 feet which hit around 43 degrees in the tent I wore my heavy duty black thermals with thick wool socks and beanie. Given the higher temps and warmer clothing I slept nice and comfortably (not toasty, but just right).

My conclusion: Pros lightweight and small for backpacking, Con: not very warm and god forbid you to sleep at 32 degrees or below…good luck with that. Better wear those arctic heavy duty thermals that weigh a 1lb alone and maybe an extra layer to have a decent night of rest. Your sacrificing warmth and overall comfort for something lightweight and compactable by buying this bag.

I’d say buy if you’re hiking low elevations less than 8k feet in the spring or summer and plan on temps being in the 48 and above range at night.”

” These are worth every penny! A great product at a great price for those who need an ultralight bag. I purchased these because my son’s scout troop is starting to do more backpacking and high adventure trips.

He is a growing teen and I couldn’t stomach paying hundreds of dollars for a bag he may grow out of quickly. We have used these in the low 40’s and above without issue. They have tremendous loft but pack into their sack easily. This is important to note because not all bags in this price point do. I am 5’3 and my son is 5’7. We both felt like we had plenty of room lengthwise, though if his shoulders get much broader than they are, he will be pretty snug.”

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