Lightweight, multi-purpose camping headlamp Imalent HR20 brief reviews

Lightweight, multi-purpose headlamp — Imalent HR20, long term experience and brief reviews


Recently, L corner flashlight headlamp products can be described as an endless stream, whether brand manufacturers or DIY manufacturers can find several products. Since the beginning of last year and again return after the circle has been on the flashlight torch L corner has a special liking, at the time of the first flashlight is a AA battery type L corner flashlight, night running or climbing in the hands of the night outdoors wearing are very handy. The recent discovery of Imalent special lightweight multifunctional headlight Imalent HR20 really caught my eye, with nearly two months of experience the feeling of this kind of product is lightweight and portable and high brightness performance really is a very good product.

Gearbest sell it only $29.99 for this Imalent HR20 camping light.

The outer box of the head lamp is not big enough. It is only about 12*8.9*4.3cm (height * * width * thick). The black tone is described in English.




This headlight color light, cold white and white light points, individuals have been biased towards warm colors, so the first choice, of course, white light, packaging box on the back of the white sticker label HR20W, is the white light. Open the paper packaging, brochures, English in internal flashlight, Micro USB charging line, with headlights, black steel clamp, and has been installed in the standby O circle inside the original flashlight 2600mAh lithium battery Goods are available in all varieties.

The battery has been installed on the flashlight, but not for packaging and storage and transportation process accident light, a piece of insulation plastic sheet placed between the battery and the spring, the normal use can be removed using a plastic sheet.

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See instructions, product features

Light weight, all metal cylinder, light and smart

Use CREE XP-L HI LED 1000 lumens high brightness output

  • use 1 18650 lithium batteries or 2 CR123 lithium battery drivers to provide 360 hours long endurance

It can instantly adjust any desired brightness, and promote the practicability of outdoor

Built in general USB charging interface, convenient access to electricity, never worry about power outages

Built in advanced temperature control module, automatically adjust brightness output according to working status and external temperature

High efficiency constant current circuit with constant brightness

  • battery protection against reverse connection

Double coated anti scratching optical lens

  • aerospace grade aluminum alloy manufacturing
  • wear resistant three stage hardening surface treatment

The headlight belt is made of high quality nylon elastic material, comfortable and breathable

Meets IPX-8 waterproof standard (underwater 2 meters)

1.5 meters throwing ability

Rear handstand function


In the use of 18650 battery level flashlight, HR20 figure is very small, height is only 107mm, and compared with the original 18650 battery is very obvious. The weight is only a little less than 48g, including batteries, including only less than 95g, it can be said to be compact, light weight.

HR20 adopts the three stage design, which is divided into three parts: the lamp head, the battery tank and the tail cover. The inside of the lamp holder is positively shocked and has anti reverse connection protection design. The two ends of the battery storehouse are all end surface conductive, and the two ends are connected with threads with rectangular threads


The electric torch lamp cap adopts double – sided coating and anti – scrape high transmittance optical glass, the coating color is relatively rare light blue, and the mirror reflector cup.

The electric torch has a plurality of concave patterns, that is, the surface heat dissipation is enhanced, and the friction coefficient at the grip is increased. The switch button and the MicroUSB charging port are positioned on the top of the flashlight, and the charging indicator lamp is respectively arranged on the two sides of the two sides, and the charging and the charging are completed respectively. At the same time, around the beautiful blue to the flashlight a punchline is very beautiful.


The main design highlight of this headlamp flashlight is its fast stepless dimming. The stepless adjustable light knob is arranged at the top edge, and the lamp can be conveniently and quickly rotated to adjust the light adjusting knob, and the dimming operation of the flashlight is completed, whether the flashlight is held by hand or the head lamp is worn on the head.


High quality elastic nylon material HR20 equipped with adjustable headlights with worn on the head, feel very comfortable, with excellent skin friendly, and adjust the range according to the different diameter of the head circumference or equipment. And the middle part of the top headlight belt can also be individually disassembled and installed according to individual habits and worn on different equipment, so it is very flexible and practical.


HR20 factory is equipped with 2600mAh rechargeable lithium battery, flashlight top design has MicroUSB charging interface, with the USB interface that can be found everywhere can be very convenient to supplement the power. After several full charge and discharge tests, the charging current is about 1A, the charging time is about 4 hours, and the original battery of 2600mAh reaches more than 2600mAh each time. In the charging process, the red indicator lights up and the green indicator light turns on when the battery is full.


Based on function USB function on HR20 can in the charging process can use electric light, this function can be said to be more practical.


When the battery is full of electricity, the voltage is about 4.18V, and the voltage of the battery is about 3V after complete discharge.


The flashlight has only one switch button at the top and one dimmer knob, so it is very convenient and simple to operate. The description in the manual is only a short span of four:

1, turn on / off

Light the head of the headlight switch button, flashlight light up, and then in the open state, again press the switch button, flashlight will be closed

2 、 dimming function

When the flashlight is turned on, the stepless rotating light ring with rotating head can carry out stepless dimming (clockwise, dark and counterclockwise)

3, the use of a key flash flash function

Regardless of the flashlight in any mode, hold the flashlight switch button for 0.3 seconds, the flashlight immediately activates the flash flash function into the flash state

4 、 flash /SOS function / beacon

In any state, press the switch button for more than 0.3 seconds, the flashlight will open the flash, and if you need to select more gear, just press and hold the switch button for 0.3 seconds, then enter the SOS function.

If you need to enter the beacon function, then again press and hold the switch button for 0.3 seconds, if you need to launch, then press the switch button.

The function of the above, as long as a little practice a few times, you can grasp the flashlight operation. One of the most renowned design highlights of HR20 is its fast stepless dimming, in practical use, very practical, and adjust the speed very quickly, the dynamic graph can be more intuitive feel under fast dimming knob flexibility.

The brightness of the flashlight varies very quickly, and it varies continuously. You can choose the brightness you need by simply turning the light knob to the left or right of your finger. Can be said to be very practical design advantages, of course, everything has two sides, which brought about the disadvantages is to enter the flash and SOS as well as the beacon mode when the flashlight brightness dimming knob for position and decision. That is to say, if your HR20 dimming knob turns to 1 lumens low light state, then the brightness in this state is 1 SOS lumen, and then the brightness is the brightness of the lumen. That is the most affected flash explosion, at this time still operating step rotary dimming knob to the highest brightness state, because the timely response to the highest brightness for the use of explosion when the flash function we need. For the flash action settings, individuals prefer, or are accustomed to, quick double click to achieve. And according to the use of nearly two months of experience, this should add more flashlight switch lock function, because in the daily use or carry will appear in the process of error touch switch button, this will cause and affect the normal use of unnecessary waste of electricity.

Imalent HR20 camping headlight overall design is remarkable, that is, to maintain the beautiful, but also take into account the size of the body compact, the face is doing very well. For a practical headlamp flashlight, lining is indispensable important performance. Look at the specifications on the instructions:

Mode ultra bright, ultra low, bright, ultra bright, ultra low, bright for stepless dimming, users can rotate the heart for the brightness, and the use of flashlight life time is also from 360 hours to 1 hours, 45 minutes free control.

Luminous flux 1000 lumens, 1 lumens

Endurance 1 hours, 45 minutes, 360 hours


225 meters (maximum range)

light intensity

11200cd (maximum light intensity)

Anti drop height

1.5 meters

Waterproof grade




Endurance and temperature rise control, I am also the most concerned about the performance of the parameters of the flashlight, will never let go of the two tests. The use of simple thermocouple thermometer is fixed on the lamp will be part of the biggest heat thermocouple, in order to increase the heat transfer at the point of contact with good thermal grease. At the same time, an illumination meter with an automatic recording function is used to record the center illumination of the flashlight spot about one meter or so, so as to test the endurance performance of the original 2600mAh battery under the full power condition. The starting temperature of the thermocouple thermometer is 28 degrees celsius. In order to synchronize data, the thermometer and the illuminance meter record data every 30 seconds.

In summary, this flashlight design is quite a good product, the individual for a long time to bring, use, play more and more like. And the fast dimming interest is quite strong, always thinking of the flashlight dismantling look inside in the end what is, but in addition to the lens cap part ring reflector part can take off, dimming knob has been unable to find the dismantling method. Later, contact with manufacturers to tune the light principle, only to know the dimming knob is a potentiometer, and has always thought that the light is adjusted by the magnetic ring. Since you can’t disassemble the internal, use the exposed LED to test the circuit efficiency simply.

Before the DIY flashlight test frame with much effort, especially the battery measurement part, this time to spend days to leave the battery into the battery compartment, and the external connection battery box to test the battery more convenient terminal voltage and current, the cap portion will disconnect the LED negative, and positive and negative pole welding test it’s the short-term use of clamp meter and a multimeter can test the voltage of the LED current situation.

Battery terminal voltage, battery terminal current, input power


LED terminal voltage


LED terminal current, LED terminal, power efficiency

Extremely bright, 3.9V, 2.55A, 9.945W, 3.288V, 2.52A, 8.286W, 83.3%

Brightness 1, 3.928V, 1.941A, 7.546W, 3.176V, 2.019A, 6.412W, 85%

Brightness 2, 4.031V, 0.982A, 3.958W, 2.925V, 1.051A, 3.074W, 77.7%

Extremely dark, 4.158V, 9.372mA, 38.97mW, 2.349V, 3mA, 7.047mW, 18.1%

Simple and brutal test finished, input and output and efficiency, this should be honest, the flashlight will be restored to the original state, tighten the lens pressure ring, but also happy to bring out the play. Take the time to spur of the moment, with tents and sleeping bags and HR20 will go camping, because of the relatively late time, arriving at the camp in the mixed black. But on this HR20, a tent, a pot of rice are not affected, very convenient to use.

Finally, the whole Amy can function design and operation mode of the HR20 are very worthy of recognition, flexible operation, dimming rapidly, small volume, light weight, either as headlights or daily EDC is a very good choice. Personal favorite dimming knob design, it is very practical, very efficient. Of course, the design of the individual sense knob can also have the space for promotion, adding several prominent structures outside the knob design, it should be more convenient to dimming operation. As for the explosion into the flash function long, press 0.3 seconds of operation, individuals still prefer quick double click operation. And it’s more practical to lock the button if you increase the switch button. Of course, I have to mention that the quality control of the product still needs to be strengthened.

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