What’s the reality of inflatable banana sleeping bag?

History of the inflatable banana sleeping bag?

Who came up with this great idea of the inflatable banana sleeping bag? Lamzac is the name of the small 8-person company in the Netherlands that invented the Hangout. The name ‘Lamzac’ literally means ‘lazy person’ or ‘inactive sack.’ The famed KAISR air lounge was also created by a group from the Netherlands who ran a crowd-funding campaign. The AeroNest featured in this review was invented by a ‘hiker and traveler’ from Hawaii.


All of these air lounges are based on the design of drybags. A drybag is a waterproof sack that has a top that rolls up three times to form a watertight seal. Kayakers and canoers use them to carry gear that can’t tolerate water.


Instead of just being waterproof, these banana sleeping bags are ‘air-proof.’ They are made to hold air inside, and they usually last up to 4 hours before needing to be refilled, or at least plumped up a bit. Most of them have a plastic liner on the inside and a rip-stop nylon exterior shell.


All of them have wide openings to scoop up the air. These openings have ends that roll over and clip shut to keep the air inside. There are no valves and no way you can fill them with an air pump.


People using a Lamzac Hangout or similar air sofa for the first time love how comfortable it feels. But they also complain at how difficult it can be to inflate one. It seems like it’s much easier if there is a breeze to start. Then running with the bag or making broad swooshes through the air finishes the job. All the companies insist that once you get the hang of it, it’s simple.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about air lounges

1.What happens if you rip or damage a banana sleeping bag and it leaks?

AeroNest has an easy answer for you: they sell replacement liners. As for cosmetic damage to the surface of your inflatable lounge, you have a couple of options. Stores that sell tents and camping equipment usually sell nylon repair tape. This is like a Band-Aid to hold the wounded material together. It’s not permanent, but it will hold for a while. Some repair tapes need a pass with a low-temperature iron to seal them onto the nylon.


2. Is inflatable banana sleeping bag dangerous to use on the water?

Anything can be dangerous if used the wrong way. If you want to use your banana sleeping bag as a flotation device, please choose one of the best-made models that say they can be used on the water. Don’t let children float on one unsupervised. Plan on staying in calm water instead of riding rapids or waves. Keep sharp objects away from the lounge. Please note that the government of Western Australia is investigating complaints of an unnamed brand of inflatable banana sleeping bag failing and nearly drowning two people.


3. How long will my inflatable banana sleeping bag last?

Since these products only started appearing on the market in 2014, we just don’t know yet how long they last. We haven’t seen reviews yet that complain about durability. For longest wear, don’t exceed the weight limit, and don’t use it around sharp rocks or other things that could damage it. Clean it only with a mild solution of soap and lukewarm water. Better to have a stained lounger than no lounger at all.


4. What if my banana sleeping bag gets soaked?

Well, the inventor of the Hangout used his as a boat. (We don’t recommend doing that.) Give the lounger plenty of time to dry before you put it away. You may need to deflate it and let it lay open to air out for a couple of hours.


5. Can I use an inflatable banana sleeping bag like these if I have back problems?

Whether you can, or should, enjoy an air banana sleeping bag if you have back problems is a personal decision. It may depend on what your doctor says about what’s best for you, especially if you’ve had surgery. But many people with sore backs find relief laying on an air lounge. It cradles their body. Some loungers have a nice head rest, too, for cervical support. If you’re suffering from disc problems or muscle pain in your back, you can wear a discreet lower back brace under your summertime banana sleeping bag wear. An adjustable lumber support can make it a lot easier to get in and out of a lounge chair. No one needs to know you even have it on.


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