Kids Sleeping Bag: How To Choose

You can find a cheap cotton sleeping bag in any large area, even if this kind of bags is suitable for a night out. But it is better to invest in a good sleeping bag to go camping or enjoy a night under the stars in your garden.

Is a child sized sleeping bag really necessary? Most people have an adult sleeping bag at the bottom of their garage; are the kids worth the same?

sleeping bag for children - the models

Helen Olsson (American sports writer and parent) once said, “In a perfect world, people with small children would have small sleeping bags. This air pocket around your body is what keeps you warm. If you put a small child in an adult sized sleeping bag, it will be cold. ”

That said, children grow up quickly and can easily become too big for their sleeping bag, and many children separate their sleeping bag overnight without worrying about the weather. Olsson told us that her own children started using old adult sleeping bags already when they were only 6 and 7 years old, but they tend to get hot.

If you have old adult size sleeping bags in good condition, you can try them before buying a new one. You can shrink this air pocket yourself by attaching an elastic to the bottom of the bag to adjust it to the required size. But if you want to buy a slim-sized bag – which will make your kids excited about going on a family camping trip or going adventurously – you need to take a sleeping bag that will prevent the cold and dampness.


How do we pick the sleeping bags?


We wanted a sleeping bag that would be warm enough to be used for three seasons, whether camping in a national park or in the neighbors’ garden, which involves taking a sleeping bag rated at 0 ° C or below.

The temperature resistance of sleeping bags identifies the lowest temperature at which a bag can keep the sleeper warm. These data assume that the sleeper is wearing a layer of long underwear and uses a floor mattress under the bag. Of course, your children will not be able to follow this average.

If they are rather chilly, it is advisable to choose a greater resistance to cold. Note that while sleeping bags for adults are rated according to an “EN” rating that is validated by groups of independent scientists, child size bags do not use this classification. We do not see why the manufacturers’ data would be falsified but keep in mind that they are making their own ranking.

The majority of the first sleeping bags are rated between 5 ° C and 10 ° C, which means that your children may be cold if they go camping in the spring or autumn. Most of them are made of cotton, which does not prevent the dew in the morning or the leak of a bottle of water to seep into the bag. Synthetics, on the other hand, is a material that we appreciate a lot because unlike cotton, it is waterproof.


We wanted a sleeping bag that would not become a pool if we dropped some water on it. For us, the ideal sleeping bag is lightweight in order to be carried by a very small child. All the bags we planned to take weighed less than 1.5 kg and included their own packing bag.


The children grow up fast, that is why we want a bag that will last throughout their schooling in primary school. The bags we were looking at were recommended for children aged 3 to 4 up to 10 to 11 years, although we found other sleeping bags for toddlers and teenagers.


And lastly, we knew that our sleeping bag had to be at an affordable price, we then asked parents how much they usually put in a sleeping bag size child, they answered between $40 and $70, we shold decided that these prices will be our budget.


Why not buy a down bag for your child?

sleeping bag for children - bag for your child


Adult sleeping bags are often padded with synthetic materials and a down bag can cost twice the price of synthetic. Our research has concluded that bags with a down fill are the best option for adults. However, the fact remains that manufacturers do not make down bags for children … Why?

Kelty’s vendors (outdoors equipment manufacturer) tells us that there are two reasons: first, few parents are willing to shell out more for a sleeping bag with a child-sized sleeping bag and secondly, to wet their sleeping bag as adults and synthetic retains much better urine, vomit or other liquid than duck or goose feathers.

Of all the sleeping bags for children we saw, the one that most typed us into the eye is the sarcophagus style bag. Its shape allows a better ratio between the heat and the weight of the bag, unlike rectangular bags. We found that children prefer sarcophagus-shaped bags, probably because they do more “I am a serious camper” without paying attention to the advantage of weight and warmth.

sleeping bag for children - the big dipper

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