Lafuma Active 0° 3 In 1 Sleeping Bag Review

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Lafuma Active 0 ° 3 in1 sleeping bag is made up of two sleeping bags that fit into one another and can be used up to -2 ° C (limit comfort). My opinion after 3 weeks of use under tents and under the stars in Namibia and Jordan.

Test conditions

  • Test location: Namibia – Jordan
  • Test duration: 20 nights
  • Activities: hiking/trekking
  • Conditions: nighttime temperatures of 6 ° C to 20 ° C
  • Terms of use: Night under tents (18) – under the stars (2)

sleeping bag Lafuma Active 0 ° 3IN1


Characteristics of the Lafuma Active 0 ° 3IN1 sleeping bag

  • Composition: Polyester 50D and Polyamide 40D Dia Ripstop with water repellent treatment
  • Lining: Polyester 50D with sleeping bag ACTIVE 10 ° removable inside
  • Filling: TECHNOWARM® LOFT synthetic fiber 100g / m²
  • Specifications: 3-in-1 bag with two interlocking sleeping bags – anti-chip zip – inside lining pocket – leg volume, double zip with phosphorescent zipper – two covers compression
  • Weight with two compression covers: announced at 1680 g – weighed at 1580 g
  • Size: 213 x 80 cm
  • Dimensions of the compression bag: 40 cm x 21 cm (14 liters)
  • Colors: red / yellow
  • Place of Manufacture: China
  • Price: 140 €
  • Temperatures:
    • Comfort: 3 ° C
    • Comfort limit: -2C
    • Extreme comfort: -15 ° C
  • Comfort temperature to weight ratio: 1.63
  • Comfort / volume ratio ratio: 14.42

sleeping bag Lafuma Active 0 ° 3IN1


The Lafuma Active 0 ° 3In1 sleeping bag is actually composed of two synthetic sleeping bags that fit into one another offers 3 possibilities of use:

  • • The yellow bag for a T ° limit comfort of 10 ° C
  • • The red bag for a T ° limit comfort of 5 ° C
  • • The red bag + the yellow bag for a T ° limit comfort of 0 or -2 ° C according to Lafuma specifications or EN 13537.

Lafuma Active Sleeping Bag Test 0 ° 3IN1

This 3 in 1 technique is well known to mown mountaineers who can not afford a Valandré Shocking Blue Neo or Thor Neo. Before giving you my opinion on the product, you quickly see the advantages and disadvantages of the system: it is versatile but it is larger (14 L) than a sleeping bag whose comfort temperature is equal. Note that the two sleeping bags have a cover and that it is possible to store the yellow bag and its cover in the red bag. But we can also not do it.

Lafuma Active Sleeping Bag Test 0 ° 3IN1

So I tested the sleeping bag in Namibia in November and Jordan in April. In Namibia, I used only the yellow bag because nighttime temperatures were around 15 ° C, while in Jordan the nights were cooler and more unstable, between 6 and 15 ° C. There I used most of the time the red bag and once the two bags. As soon as I say it, I never got cold. The temperatures indicated by Lafuma seem right.

Lafuma Active Sleeping Bag Test 0 ° 3IN1

test sleeping bag Lafuma Active 0 ° 3IN1

The sleeping bag is only available in one size and it should not be more than 1 m 90 to use. You have the choice between a right or left model in case you would like to pair two sleeping bags. The comfort of the bag is correct, no more. Nothing to do with the down, it goes without saying. I found the bag a little narrow. 10 cm more and it would have been the panard.

The construction of the Lafuma Active 0 ° 3IN1 sleeping bag is of good quality and inspires confidence without being a high-end product. Moreover, its price is rather attractive. The anti-cold flap along the double cursor zip does its job well and prevents the cold from entering. I also note that there is a double black strip along the zip that allows both to cut the cold (in addition to the flap) and to prevent the zip from getting caught in the flap. The red bag has a hood that is easy to adjust (by a cord), not yellow (logical) and both have no collar. It did not bother me at the temperatures encountered but around 0 ° c, I might have thought differently. The two bags have a small pocket to slip handkerchiefs, bonnet, ball-quiès …

The outer fabric is water repellent. I did not have to test it. It should be noted that the synthetic material does not lose its properties of heat if the bag is wet, unlike down.

Lafuma Active Sleeping Bag Test 0 ° 3IN1

Lafuma Active Sleeping Bag Test 0 ° 3IN1


Strong points
  • versatility
  • Not afraid of moisture
  • Price
Weak points
  • Volume
  • Weight


  • Manufacturing quality: 7/10
  • Thermicity: 9/10
  • Practicality: 9/10

Lafuma Active 0 ° 3 in 1 sleeping bag is a well-designed 2/3 season synthetic sleeping bag. I really appreciated its versatility: the yellow bag for nights in a shelter or warm weather, the red bag for soft nights and the two bags for cooler nights up to 0 ° C.

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