How To Make A Good Camping Trip On A Hot Summer Night?

Can you expect a summer leisure tour under the temperature of 48? Of course, but you may need to upgrade your processing methods.

Extreme weather quickly became the new normal. In Phoenix last week, some planes were flying too hot. A woman who had traveled barefoot in the death valley was barefoot for three degree burns.

This is the adaptation you need to know.



The basic idea is to keep the sun and insects off and allow the body to breathe as much as possible. So you want to cover up, but as much light as possible in fabric.

And wearing a cotton T-shirt? Although this material can actually be useful in hot weather, all the sweat it absorbs can make it really smelly, really fast. On the contrary, the choice of a super light type Merino t-shirt. It will make you a little dry and stink for a week or more before you wear it out.

I try to avoid wearing shorts while camping, at least while I’m out of the water. Exposed legs are at risk of scratching and are susceptible to irritants such as poison oak and mosquito bites. Pants that are light enough to wear comfortably in hot weather allow you to move without restriction, but strong enough to withstand abrasion and penetration Lightweight, breathable soft shell pants like outdoor studies, Ferrosi is perfect. The same is true of GoRuck’s simple pants, which look better on civilization and can be used over longer periods of time.

If you camp for more than a few days, you will need the ability to dry or empty clothes overnight. All you need to do is paracord and maybe some hangers.

In summer, avoid using waterproof membrane to make shoes. When it’s very hot, these membranes turn your shoes into sweat, bacteria, and stench of swamp. Find the ventilation shoes or boots, and is paired with the lightest Merino socks you can track. I like the ultra lightweight range of the Darn Tough.
A silk ribbon soaked in water and wound around the neck can provide an amazing degree of evaporative cooling. The main blood vessel is close to the area of the body, so you basically make the heat exchanger for the entire circulatory system.


Food and drink

There is nothing better than a campfire in summer evenings, but at midday in summer, cooking food in the heat of fire is simply miserable. Save cooking dinner and choose quick prepared breakfast and lunch. If you want to cook during the daytime heat, check out the solar oven.

You use the cooler to keep your stuff cool, and there are some basic techniques to make these more effective. Snowman and other high-end cold storage brands limit ice control through the first chiller in a large chest freezer. You can do the same thing with cheap Playmate. Meat and other foods can also be kept in a freezer. Chunks of ice are longer than ice. The milk jug is filled with water and is then used as a cool drinking water to make it melt.

While opening the lid, wrap the polyester film blanket around your food to keep the cool air another trick. But the best advice anyone can give you is to avoid opening them. This can only be done in the shortest possible time when necessary. For this reason, since you will visit more often, it is often meaningful to package a separate cooler. You can pour any molten water from your food cooler into your drink cooler.


Heat affects your dog as much as if you do not. Plan the hiking routes and camping sites near the water so that they can have enough drinks and splash around the cooling.

Dogs can also benefit from evaporative cooling vests. These are basically diapers. When the water slowly evaporates, it cools the dog like our sweat. Dogs do not sweat like humans.

Ruffwear three solid options. The swamp cooler completely wraps the dog in a diaper filled with water while the jet stream is a shorter, lighter choice for shorter duration of activity. There is even a design suitable for package harness. Put it, put it in a zipper pocket, put it in your fridge or cooler to help the dog more. Our sled dog / GSD puppy will enter one once he has finished his growth.


It is very difficult to sleep in a hot environment, especially if the weather is wet. To do this, you need a special summer camping facility, just like you need winter equipment for snow camping.

If you buy something that makes it a grid, lift your body away from the ground and let the air flow around you around everything. Therm-a-Rest makes a great bed very comfortable but packs small enough and light backpack.
You also need a summer sleeping bag or blanket. Polyester wool is a good material for hot night. It is cheap, easy to clean, and light enough to provide too much insulation material. It also keeps dry feeling if it is soaked in sweat, rain or humidity. Grab a blanket in a big shop, or try a rectangular sleeping bag made of material. Please note: if the night temperature is below 60 degrees, this is not enough insulation.

Your usual tents are not suitable for hot weather. You do not want to fly in the rain, so that the air as effectively as possible cycle, but the summer will see the showers and thunderstorms. How can the air flow be kept to a maximum while keeping the rain? A simple tarpaulin, hanging between trees, above the head, is ideal. It will make your tent in the rain does not prevent the air circulation, give you a good place to stroll in the storm.

If I want to come up with a final summer camp set, this will be the Therm-a-Rest bed with the brand’s additional error, I think the biggest problem with the asset rescue plan. Together, it will wrap small, light enough to backpack, but provide a comfortable night sleep, make my body wrong and give me a daytime shade / rain structure.

It is also important to take into account the exact location and direction of the summer camp. Because of the bug, it was a bad idea to set it up in a free air, but because of lightning, it was even worse in bare hills camping. Find a place where you can provide a cool place, tie your tarpaulin to a place and blow the breeze often, but also keep the worst summer thunder from you. Face your tent door to the breeze. The flying insects circled in the shadows made in the tent, and if your door is downwind, they will enter when you open it.


It’s summer, so you might be camping out with water. That’s the mistake.
Anyone’s base for anti bug Arsenal needs a DEET based bug spray. Natural alternatives and household remedies have been scientifically proven to be ineffective. Humans have used more than 8 billion doses of DEET over the past 50 years, while only 50 documented side effects were recorded. By applying DEET, the risk of being infinitely small is far higher than the risk of mosquito infection.

What is the best concentration of DEET? The new England Journal of Medicine found that 23.8% of the concentration is ideal. Nothing will provide more protection.
One problem with DEET is that it reduces the effectiveness of sunscreens by 1/3. Try using sunscreen at least 20 minutes before DEET in order to minimize its effects.
So far, you may have seen a variety of outdoor clothing brands advertising insect repellant on clothing. L.Bean, for example, calls it “no fly zone”, but is impregnated with permethrin. The insecticide to kill mosquitoes, ticks and other insects of tsutsugamushi disease, I can confirm that it really effectively prevent them from landing or climb after the clothes, but will not let them not around humming or landing skin like a DEET bug spray.
You can also spray permethrin on any clothes or camping device. Built in from new, treatment is said to last as many as 70 washing cycles. Spray it on your clothes and equip yourself for five or six. In addition to pants, socks, shirts, etc., I sprayed permethrin on my hat, camp chair, tent and sleeping bag.

You should also buy Thermacell mosquito repellent devices. They enable you to carry, attach to your packaging or similar models, this year the company released a new model screw on your iso butane tank. They all work by slowly burning a mat impregnated with alfalfa, which is an effective deterrent. In quiet conditions, a single Thermacell to produce a 15 foot diameter mosquito mosquito bubble.

In the summer camping trip, I use all of the above means, I am not bitten by mosquitoes.


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