Nigor WickiUp 3 Tent Review

Often forgotten for the benefit of geodetic tents and other tunnels, the tipi tent has more than one advantage to be emphasized. Proof “in the picture” with Nigor WickiUp3, a beautiful three seasons tent thought for 3 people.

Nigor_WickiUp tent-3-01

With its 1965 grams, the tent Nigor WickiUp 3 is easily forgotten. Manufactured from lightweight and durable materials, its weight is a significant asset. Its dimensions when folded make it easy to carry in any trekking bag.

Technical sheet Nigor WickiUp 3
Capacity 3 people
Type tipi
use  3 seasons
Ground sheet  Nylon 40D Ripstop treated PU
Interior Canvas  Nylon 20D and micromesh 15D
Double roof Nylon 20 D Silicone, Ripstop 6.6 GorLyn
hoops Aluminum DAC anodized ecologically
sardines 6C
overtures 1
apses  0
Interior dimensions 275 x 220 cm
Maximum height 155 cm
Weight 800 g (double roof only) / 1965 g (with interior chamber)
Recommended retail price  499.95 €

The notes of the draft

Price-performance ratio: 4_star(4/5)

Mounting: 5_star(5/5)

Inside Life: 4_star(4/5)

Weather resistance: 4_star(4/5)

Robustness: 4_star(4/5)

Dimensions: 5_star(5/5)

Our Review


The mounting of the Nigor WickiUp 3 tent is very simple and fast, once extended to the ground.

The tension of the chamber is adjusted by means of a very effective tension belt system. Then the mast is slid which has adjusting notches and the double roof is extended. Very fast operation even alone. The longest remains therefore to plant the 6 sardines: light, robust, they are very effective in all types of soil.

Rating: 5_star(5/5)


Inside Life

The tent Nigor WickiUp 3, because of its tipi shape, is very spacious: 1.55 m high (a luxury!) And 2.20 m by 2.75 m on the ground, a good volume. Announced as a tent for 3 people, it requires a minimum of organization, the mast being in the middle of the room .

It lacks (possibly) a device for fixing a lamp in height. It has no pocket or apse; however, the entrance to the tent is large enough to allow for easy entry and exit .

Rating: 4_star(4/5)

The Nigor tent WickiUp 3

Weather resistance

On the double-roof, there are several buckles for attaching stays (to be purchased separately) for greater stability against the wind. Be careful though: no guy is provided with the tent .

The Nigor WickiUp 3 tent is waterproof and its tipi shape allows the water to slide on the double-roof. The floor mat did not perspire during the tests but it is advisable to add the footprint to increase the insulation of the floor. Having tested this tent only with mild outdoor temperatures, we lack elements to evaluate its insulation from cold or heat. Note, in case of heavy heat, the interior is usable without double-roof . No condensation was observed, the summital openings played their proper role. The conditions did not allow us, to date, to test it in strong winds. The article will be updated as soon as we have a sufficient retreat on this type of conditions.

Rating: 4_star(4/5)

3-seater tent Nigor WickiUp 3


The Nigor WickiUp 3 tent exudes manufacturing quality: the materials used look solid, the seams are clean, fabric reinforcements are provided at both ends of the mast . The closing zips are of good construction and seem to resist the use and the time. The web tension straps are thick and strong. The only “small” flat: the carpet of relatively thin floor, which we will therefore take care to double with the protective mat sold separately by the mark.

Rating: 4_star(4/5)

The Nigor tent WickiUp 3


The Nigor WickiUp 3 tent offers an extremely competitive weight for a three-seater as it does not even exceed 2 kg with 1,965 g, including compression bag. The inner tent weighs 810g, the 710g double-roof, and the 315g mast, plus sardines and storage bags. To store the tent in its bag, simply fold it and roll it on its stake with the sardines. Once folded, it measures 50 X 15 cm . The storage bag is of the same quality as the tent, large enough to easily slide the tent folded, and has two compression straps to reduce its volume to the maximum.

Rating: 5_star(5/5)

General overview

The Nigor WickiUp 3 tent completely convinced me by its easy handling and its small footprint, it can be discreet in the bag and represents a good ally for bivouacs. The design of this tent with its living space and overall volume is very appreciable. The big black point remains its price, not far from 500 euros. The wallet takes a hit …

Rating: 4_star(4/5)

The Nigor tent WickiUp 3

We liked

We liked it less

• Spacious interior volume
• Ease of fitting
• Floor area
• Minimum weight and space requirement
• High price
• Absence of attachment in the upper part for frontal
• A floor carpet a little thin to possibly double

Test conditions

• Tester: Régis Cartigny

• Conditions of the test:  Hiking in Haute-Savoie (average mountain, 1500 m, sun, rain), hiking in the Ain (average Mountain, 1500 m, cloudy and showers), hiking in the plain.

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