Outdoor Life- Camping, the oldest way of living

Camping. Either you love it or hate it. It all depends on when, where and how. The when still is about the same for most campers, but the where and how has changed over the years. With the big Labor Day weekend coming up, plans have been or will be made for the last camping trip for many camper families. With school starting and more activities to take up weekend time, camping may take a back burner.

Camping is the oldest way of life. There is scarcely any adult who has not desired simplicity; Many dream of the open road or camping. All the refinements of modern civilization have not diminished our appreciation for a place far from everything.
Our camping roots are deep. The organized campsite dates back to the 1860s, but recreational camping did not take root until the 1920s.

With the advent of automobiles, Americans began to access a world beyond their quarters. The owners of the T-model, Henry Ford and Thomas Edison were the campers themselves.

After the Second World War, camping began to evolve. Rather than camping for economic reasons, people have to camp because they enjoy being outdoors. As the campers themselves became more experienced, they formed checklists of the necessary items. As the list grew, they found that entrepreneurs were introducing better equipment.

Today’s career campers have more compact, lighter, quicker to assemble traction units, adapting to the growing market.

Much of the growth of the campsite is due to the new generation of campers, young people aged 25 to 44 with young children, who may not yet progress in RVs. More than 50 million Americans camp each year in some of the thousands of campgrounds and wilderness here in Missouri and across America.

Campers combine their trips with other activities, including hunting and fishing. “I started the tent camp a few years ago while deer hunting and now many of my friends were camping on hunting or fishing trips. Bob Marshall, Blue Springs, said: “Camping is a big part of the season. We tried camping last weekend at Table Rock and had one of our best camping trips of the year.

We caught a lot of crab during night fishing and had several big bass, we caught early in the morning with high quality lures. It was a memorable trip. Our campsite is almost always near the water where you can fish, swim or simply enjoy the scenery. We are blessed here in Missouri with great places for the camp, including the National Forest Mark Twain, engineers corps and state park parks dotting the state, with private campgrounds. Nowadays, it’s a good time to camp and enjoy the outdoors ”

It’s interesting that people’s leisure time is decreasing, their camping and outdoor activity time is increasing. Outside is an expensive part of our lives.

The family camping is another campsite that has been withdrawn for several reasons. Marshall recalls his first camping trip with his children. “A week-long trip to the back country is not the way to learn and appreciate how to camp.I suggest you start with a night or a weekend in a place where access to restaurants, Indoor plumbing and running water is not far away. “This approach mitigates the fear of the unknown and allows families to try to camp with confidence,” he said.

Another very important point to remember for families who start camping is to invest in good quality equipment. The first rainstorm of a family inside a wet tent is not the time to discover what the waterproof really means.

In Missouri, the camping experience can mean many different things. You can go canoeing, hiking, hiking, boating, fishing, hunting, wildlife viewing, photography or anything else during the camping. Wherever you want to travel in the state, there will be a campground ready to meet your needs. Over the last few decades, camping has come a long way, and more people are discovering why.

Happy camping.

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