Several Methods to Maintain Your Sleeping Bag

Buying a sleeping bag with superior performance is a small amount of expenditure, and as long as possible to extend the service life, it will reduce your use cost. In fact, many tourists treasure their equipment and how to extend the life of their sleeping bags and put forward a correct use and maintenance problem for us.

Although sleeping bags can be cleaned, whether they are made of cotton sleeping bags or down sleeping bags, cleaning will lower their use, especially incorrect cleaning methods that may ruin your sleeping bag.

Use sleeping bags, the most contaminated place is the head, some sleeping bags in order to reduce the number of cleaning, in the head with a removable pad, use a period of time, take off and wash it. If you do not have this liner, you can use a cap when you use a sleeping bag, you can get the same effect.

Even with special care, it takes some time to wash. The general low sleeping bag, the washing requirements are relatively low, because the price is cheap, it is not good for a change, with not much money, while the high-end sleeping bag is different, use and maintenance will greatly reduce your expenses. In foreign countries, high-grade sleeping bags are usually cleaned with cleaning agents, but now the lack of such products in the country, and now generally use drum washing machine cleaning.

For the down sleeping bag, please remember not to use a household washing machine to wash, narrow laundry opportunities, your precious down sleeping bag into the garbage. The best way to clean down a sleeping bag is to do it yourself. Wash it slowly in a tub with plenty of soap. It will make your sleeping bag very smooth.

But the most important thing is the best down sleeping bag after cleaning and drying, it is a great thing to be patient, what the ideal method of the sleeping bag into a large drum dryer with low-temperature drying business, slowly and constantly interrupt, drying process, find out a piece of wet hair out of the sleeping bag, gently massage, continue to dry the program has reached a new level, fluffy down sleeping bags, it is very important to avoid high temperature drying impulse, otherwise, the nylon fabric baked scar contracture.

As for the storing compressed storage bag, is not a good way, because the best down sleeping bags need to breathe, keep down sleeping bag good is to choose a large permeability storage bag, make up in a fluffy state, down products taboo wet, should be placed in dry ventilated place is used outdoors after the end of down sleeping bags as far as possible, the sun, the wind blow, in order to keep the sleeping bag dry. If the lack of such conditions in the countryside, the procedure must not be omitted after returning home.

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