Snowline SL Sleeping Bag Review

Test of the Mountain Equipment Snowline SL sleeping bag in the Andes. Used in two Cordillera in Peru for 11 days, Vilcanota where night temperature falls below zero, and Vilcabamba where the thermometer stays above zero.

Test condition

  • Location of the test: Cordillera Vilcanota and Vilcabamba (Peru)
  • Duration of test: 7 and 4 days
  • Weather conditions: -8 ° C minimum, 8 ° C maxi (in the tent)
  • Clothing: long or single underwear t-shirt

Sleeping bag Mountain Equipment Snowline SL

Characteristics of the sleeping bag

  • Type of bag: unisex down
  • Exterior fabric: Drilite Loft SL
  • Interior Fabric: Supersoft 20
  • Filling: 800 g Eastern European goose down of 850

    cuin(equivalent 93/7) in compartments of 50 g

  • Technical features: Hood with drawstring – Zip 3/4 double slider, anti-cold protection strip along the zip – Elastic tightening at the blow – Comes with a compression bag and a storage bag
  • Weight: 1315 g announced for size Regular; weighed at 1435 g
  • Size: (length / shoulders / foot): 212/76/54 cm for regular model
  • Compressed volume: 21 x 33 cm – approximately 11 liters
  • Color: Russet orange
  • Manufacturing Locations: China
  • Price: € 649.00
  • Temperature :
    • Comfort: -9 ° C
    • Comfort limit: -17 ° C
    • Extreme comfort: -37 ° C
  • Heat index (weight of down in kg x

    cuin): 680

  • Our comfort temperature: T ° comfort = -0,0413x heat index + 14,1 = -13,98 ° C
  • Heat-to-Weight ratio: 473.87
  • Comfort temperature / weight ratio: 1.31
  • Ratio our comfort/weight temperature: 1.23
  • Heat / Volume Index: 61.82
  • Comfort / volume temperature ratio: 10.01
  • Ratio our comfort/volume temperature: 9.46


Test in the Cordillera Vilcabamba and Vilcanota

The Snowline SL is a model in Mountain Equipment’s Extreme SL series. This cold range includes two duvets, the Snowline SL (-20 ° C) and the Lightline SL (-15 ° C). So I tested this sleeping bag in the Cordillera Vilcanota in the middle of winter, where at night the temperatures are always below zero and in the Cordillera Vilcabamba, much warmer to see its breathability.

The bag is delivered of course with a storage case, but also with a waterproof compression cover (finally a mark that provides a real useful cover) which closes by winding, then by clips. With a volume of about 11 liters when compressed, once it leaves its cover, its inflation of 800 grams of feather is impressive. Its feather is of very good quality, it is a goose feather of 850 cuin.

The outer fabric is indicated as highly breathable and provides exceptional water resistance (resistant to a 1500mm water column). So I poured a glass of water on it to see … Indeed the fabric has retained it, it does not pass. However, on the ground, on a wet night, I noticed moisture on the bag and the feathers “sticking” a little to the fabric. That night, I confess I felt a little cold.
As for the inner fabric, it is very comfortable to the touch, it is a pleasure to slip into the bag. I already have a sleeping bag of this brand and I already made this point, it is one of the strengths of Mountain Equipment. Indicated also highly breathable, it is true that on the warmest nights at about 8 ° C, I did not perspire. Moreover, its zip 3/4 equipped with a double slider allows ventilating the bag if necessary.

An anti-cold protection bead is located all along the zip and a velcro button allows to lock the zipper. Once in the bag, its narrow cut fits well with the body, as well as its hood. On the other hand I did not like the tightening of the hood, this one is on the outside, it is not suddenly easy to tighten it once wrapped in his bag. I also found it amazing that there is no collar at the neck, only on the nape of the neck. There is just a snap button that closes the turn of the shot. The elastic drawstring just simply folds the upper part of the bag at the neck.

On the insulation side, apart from the wet nights, I never got cold. I did not have the opportunity to try it under temperatures beyond his announced performances, but the heat he made in my down says a lot. I used it with a self-inflating mattress 180 cm long and 3 cm thick on cold nights in Vilcanota and a short self-inflating mattress (120 cm, 2.5 cm) on warm nights in Vilcabamba.

For the quality/price ratio, if the quality is at the rendezvous without question, the price hurts … It takes about 650 euros for this sleeping bag.



  • Manufacturing quality: 9/10
  • Thermicity: 9/10
  • Practicality: 8/10


  • Comfort of fabric
  • swelling
  • Breathability
  • Waterproof compression bags

Weak points

  • Absence of collar
  • Tightening the hood
  • Price

The Mountain Equipment Snowline SL is an excellent sleeping bag for trekking in the Himalayas or the Andes. Very comfortable and a good inflatable, it is the guardian of warm nights for those who wish to invest.

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