QUBE TENT – The Ultimate Connectable Pop-Up Tent in 2018!

Why this tent named Qube?

Qube Tent provides a quick pitch time that less than 2 minutes, out of the bag to fully started and ready to go, meaning that you will have that drink in your hand faster than ever before.

Unlike other fast pop-up tents like many other tents in the world of camping, you can resist all our variations of person 2 up to person 4 in order to no longer bend or do the dying fish as you try and get your jeans!

The Qube Tent is as easy to set up as it is necessary to configure so you do not need to be an origami expert to try to put it back in your pocket when you are ready to go home.

One of the main problems with the standard tents is awakened by the explosion of the sun by the tent wall when it arrives at 5 o’clock in the morning, so with the Cube Tent (Qube Tent), we have added a black liner to our material to block the sunlight so that you I will not wake up this morning.



Our extensive ventilation system allows for a cool inside environment.

The Qube Tent material is PU coated and is rated with a hydrostatic head rating of 4000, which means that you maintain moderate and mild rain conditions and are treated according to CPAI84 standards.

A 300D Cotton Oxford resistant material means that this tent is strong and stable.

A detachable floor panel means you have extra comfort under your feet and makes the tent easier to clean when you pack it.

The key of the Cube Tent is that they are easy to set up and offer you an excellent place inside, as well as we a few extras that will make this tent in a class of its own.

They set up untraditionally via internal poles that unfold and pop the square shelter into shape.

Set one up, and then an adjacent Qube can connect. They fit together at the corners. Inside, campers can walk between the rooms.

The Qube Tents are quick-pitch tents that can be set up in under 2 minutes (without disappointing your wife).  The flexible fibreglass poles are integrated so you’re not stuck struggling in the rain to figure which one goes where. And The Qube(Cube) Tent is 7-feet tall, so unless you’re related to Manute Bol you shouldn’t have any problem standing in, or walking between them.

Connect with friends

Unlike other tents, you can connect a Qube Tent to another Cube Tent in any size so that the person 4 connects a person of 2 people or 3 to the universal tunnel, which means that you can create your own configuration tents from each other tents. On each Qube Tent, you can join at every corner, which means that the possibilities for joining are endless.

Bonus: they attach to one another via a series of universal connector tunnels. Simply take it out of the carrying case and unfold.

Imagine the fun that your group needs to connect to a festival that guarantees you a party area, you can use a Qube just to pull it when the weather gets bad.

Sizes and dimensions

As part of this campaign, we offer you a 2 person, 3 person and 4 person version of tents and options in blue, red, orange, green and black.

2 person Qube Tent
QUBE 2 PERSON TENT Product Technical Details : 
  •  Sleep capacity 2 Person
  • Quick Pitching – Set up in under 2 minutes
  • Removable groundsheet
  • 300D Oxford  Material
  • Additional Screen Mesh Doors
  • PU coated 4000 HH Rating
  • CPAI-84 Flammability treated
  • Black lined material
  • Extensive Ventilation
  • Internal storage pockets
  • Guide ropes and pegs
  • One of three models, the Qube 2-Man Tent price is for about $350USD. It’s made of a heavy-duty 300-denier nylon and is PU-coated to be waterproof.It weighs about 33 pounds, so don’t plan on carrying it in a backpack. Black-lined material blocks out light inside. Windows open for ventilation and light.This product aims at the festival-going crew or car-camping family that wants a little privacy between “rooms.” Plunk it near your parking spot, set up some tables and a fire pit, and let a weekend of good times roll around your mini-village.


  • Sizes & Dimensions:
    • Set up-  W 195cm ( 6.39ft) x  L 195cm ( 6.39ft) x H 215cm (7.05ft)
    • Packed -W 21cm (8.27″) x L 154cm (5.05ft) x H 21cm (8.27″)
    • Weight 17 Kgs
    • Price $350.00
3 person Qube Tent
QUBE 3 PERSON TENT Product Technical Details :
  •  Sleep capacity 3 Person
  • Quick Pitching – Set up in under 2 minutes
  • Removable ground sheet
  • 300D Oxford  Material
  • Additional Screen Mesh Doors
  • PU coated 4000 HH Rating
  • CPAI-84 Flamability treated
  • Black lined material
  • Extensive Ventilation
  • Internal storage pockets
  • Guide ropes and pegs

Sizes & Dimensions:

  • Set up-  W 210cm ( 6.89ft) x  L 210cm ( 6.89ft) x H 255cm (7.38ft)
  • Packed -W 21cm (8.27″) x L 157cm (5.15ft) x H 21cm (8.27″)
  • Weight 19 Kgs
  • Price: $388.00
4 person Qube Tent
QUBE 4 PERSON TENT Product Technical Details :
  •  Sleep capacity 4 Person
  • Quick Pitching – Set up in under 2 minutes
  • Removable ground sheet
  • 300D Oxford  Material
  • Additional Screen Mesh Doors
  • PU coated 4000 HH Rating
  • CPAI-84 Flamability treated
  • Black lined material
  • Extensive Ventilation
  • Internal storage pockets
  • Guide ropes and pegs

Sizes & Dimensions:

  • Set up-  W 240cm ( 7.87ft) x  L 240cm ( 7.87ft) x H 250cm (8.20ft)
  • Packed -W 21cm (8.27″) x L 178cm (5.83ft) x H 21cm (8.27″)
  • Weight 20.7 Kgs
Add On’s

In addition, Qube Tent also offer a solar panel that can be moved in the Qube window to store the power supply in a 13,000mAh battery.


The sun collector unfolds easily and slips into the pocket behind your window and plugs directly into the battery to store this free energy.

This battery has a huge capacity and will charge a mobile device with full power 5 to 6 times from a stored charge.
This package can then be used to make your smartphone or smart device or, in fact, everything with a USB port or it can be used to control the ultra-cool LED lighting lamp that gently illuminates your tent

Solar Panel + Battery Pack Price is $97.00

We offer this LED strip in white or if you would like your tent to be the party tent, then the colour version is for you. Each strip comes with a storage bag and fastening elements to secure your strip in the tent.

Qube Tent Specifications


What are the Qube Tent(Cube Tent) sizes and dimensions?

2 person Qube Tent – Set up-W 195cm (6.39ft) x W 195cm (6.39ft) x H 215cm (7.05ft)
Packed-W 21cm (8.27 “) x W 154cm (5.05ft) x H 21cm (8.27”)
Weight 14.8 Kgs (32.65 lbs) – Updated to – 17 Kgs

3 person Qube Tent – Set-W 210cm (6.98 ft) x W 215 cm (6.88 ft) x H 225 cm (7.3 ft)
Wrapped -W 21cm (8.27 “) x W 157cm (5.15ft) x H 21cm (8.27”)
Weight 15.1 Kgs (33.3 lbs) – Updated at 19 Kgs

4 person Qube Tent – Set-W 240cm (7.87ft) x W 240cm (7.87ft) x H 250cm (8.20ft)
Wrapped -W 21cm (8.27 “) x W 178cm (5.83ft) x H 21cm (8.27”)
Weight 15.8 Kgs (34.8 lbs) – Updated at 20.7 Kgs

How to deal with the wind?

The tents were tested on a Beaufort 3-4 scale that reached winds of up to 20 MPH, are not a flat surface and are actually 4 triangular shapes that meet at a point on the shrinkage area. Once it connects to the cables and is powered on, the surface of the tent is relatively strong.

Will a tunnel connect all variations?

Yes, the single tunnel is universal and will connect all size variations

Are they Water resistant?

Our tents have a PU coated material which has a Hydrostatic Head rating of 4000 and we have fully taped seems so yes our tents are water resistant

Why aren’t you shipping to my location?

We initially launched the campaign in regions where we have an established supply chains so that we can deliver on time. If your location is not listed it is because the only way to ship it to you is as a single part shipment and on the tent this works out very expensive making the total value of tent + delivery uneconomical.

Can I change my order?

Yes, you can change your order, but the only way to do this on Indiegogo is to cancel the pledge you made and replace it with a new pledge.

Can I cancel or return my item?

Once the campaign is over, you can no longer cancel your order and, as you support a crowd financing campaign, you return to this project on the understanding that items can not be returned.

What if I do not see a package that includes the items I want?

If you do not see what you want, please contact us and we can offer you a commitment to include.

More information can be found on Qube Tents site. Thanks for reading!