Camping Tent Rent Tips For The Beginners

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If you suddenly want to get away from the cities and for a camping trip next week, you’ll be faced with an important question: Should I buy camping gear and keep it forever or rent the camping equipment for anywhere from one day to 1 weeks?


If you’ve never rented a tent before, be prepared to answer these questions:

1. How many people will sleep in the tent? (If you have big dogs, count them as people in terms of floor space.)

  • You can rent tents from 1 to 6 people.
  • However, you should rent a tent that is officially rated for one more person that will sleep in the tent. So if you are a group of 3 adults, rent a tent of 4 people to give you plenty of space.

2. When do you want to camp?

  • The three-season tents will not make you so isolated and dry in the spring or late, like tents built to last the fourth season: winter.
  • Rain weighs less than snow, so the tent design differs between three- and four-season tents in very important ways: weight bearing -vs- directing moisture away from the tent.

3. Do you need a tent with a lot of room to accommodate tall guys?

  • Cramped quarters that force tall people to hunch all the time will ruin the camping experience.


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Pros of Rent Camping Tent:

1. It is cheaper. Buy a tent, for example, you could pay about $ 230 to $ 460,  while renting a tent for a day costs only about $25 to $50. The other benefit: Just like when you rent a car or an apartment They usually rent something that is higher in quality than what you can not afford to buy.

2. You do not need to store it. If you live in a small studio apartment or a narrow house without a cellar or additional cabinets, the storage of bulky camping equipment (such as a tent, a sleeping bag, a stove, a cooler, a chair, etc.) is no easy matter Task. A plus with rental camping equipment is that you do not need to find space for anything in your home – you give it back after your trip!  If you are a long-term traveling nomad and you don’t have the space to store camping equipment or the room to carry it with you everywhere you go, this is a great alternative.


3. It is good for beginners. If you are new to the campsite, the rental of the necessary equipment can be helpful because instructions for each unit are included in plastic sleeves and you can ask the person who has any questions you may have. (If you bought your camping equipment months ago and lost the instructions, you can forget how to use it). The limited selection of camping equipment works to your advantage because too many options might overwhelm you. You can try different types of camping equipment while renting so when you are ready to buy, you will know what you like.

Perfect for camping trips where you have to take a flight.

Instructions for everything is included in plastic sleeves.

It really was just about everything that we needed.


Cons of Renting Camping Tent:

A major disadvantage of renting is the choice restrictions. Limitations are a common issue with renting gears as you are occasionally ‘forced’ to make do with what the renters have in stock just to fulfill your camping needs.

Cost factor. Of course, the cost of renting camping tent on a regular could be high, and if you’re a consistent camper, it would most definitely be telling on your income. It would be wise to make an informed decision to buy your gear instead.


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Comparing the positives and the negatives of renting a camping tent alongside the positives of purchasing your camping equipment would help you make a uniform decision on if it’s wise to go ahead with the renting of tent or if you should just buy yours.

From the positives you can deduce that renting your tent could help you fix your storage problems if you face any, it could also come in handy if you like to travel a lot and don’t have the time to both main and store properly.

To an extent, it’s also cheaper if you rent (once you are not a consistent camper that is). However, if you have needs for extra camping equipment which are not added to the bundles that the renters offer, you may need to purchase yours.


How to rent camping tent and the best places to seek quality camping tent for rent…

There are several ways that completely tallies with the ‘how to rent a camping gear’ question. Some of the ways are listed below.

1. Renting Tent online: The first and a key way to renting tent are online. There are quite a few outfitters who offer these services, and while next-day rentals are not recommended, there are some reliable options which could really spice up your camping treats if you choose to take your renting decisions to online rental marketplaces like; gear to go outfitters, lower gear, outdoors geek or mountainside rental services.

Using online renting gears have its advantages and disadvantages which also depend on the rental agency. Benefits of using online rental companies to rent your camping gears include the simplicity and convenience assured. You don’t have to wake up one early morning and take a drive to a far away from the retail shop to inspect and order for your gears.

The gears are also shipped to just about any location if you are ordering within the United States of America. The prices of the gears offered online are competitive when compared with those offered in physical local outdoors outfitting stores and they are sometimes of higher qualities than those in physical stores if you rent from the right stores, though.

Their disadvantages span across the visual impairment of orders. You don’t physically see the items you are ordering for. Thus you just might get either a mixed up order or an entirely wrong order. Defective items would be difficult (and/or expensive) to send back to the online rental outlet.

2. Local outdoor outfitters: Another reliable way of renting your camping tent is to visit local outdoor outfitters. Various big chains like REI and even EMS offer outdoor tent and other gears rentals services. There are also smaller outfitters offering rental services so feel free to walk in and check out the gears.

Note that stock availability is not assured especially during the holiday periods as there are more camping and thrill-seeking families during the holiday weekends. As you’d guess, it’s always advisable to call the store and ask about gears that you’d like to pick up days before you need them. While the advantages are all lined up like having to physically inspect the gears, there are also disadvantages like limitations in pick up and return time.

3. Local University: Though there limitations, quite a lot of local schools have outfitting offices which occasionally rents out some of their camping tent and other gears to outdoor hikers and campers looking for some quick gears to spend some nights out in the wood. Although the selection process for choosing suitable renters from the full lists of would-be campers is limited, chosen renters, always receive the gears at prices which are dirt cheap when compared to local store prices.


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