The Proper Use of 4-seasons Tent

What is the real 4-seasons tent?


Recently saw a lot of people concerned about the four seasons tents, where I would like to talk about their understanding of the four seasons tents.

Many friends see the four seasons tents, recommended three quarterly with snow skirt enhanced version, I think it is wrong.

We first look at the three seasons tents and four seasons tents use the environment is different: three seasons tents in the spring and summer use, four seasons tents in the spring and summer autumn and winter use.


What is the difference between the two environments?

The answer is winter is relatively cold, windy, may snow.
Then the three tent sand four seasons in the function should be what difference?
1, relatively cold, we must have a better thermal performance. But the protagonist of this work is sleeping bags and sleeping mats, so what can tents do? Wind, wind and wind can avoid the cold effect, can help keep warm. But in considering the wind at the same time, do not forget the four seasons is not only for the winter use, if too boring how to do spring and summer, this is a need to consider the issue.
2, the wind is big, it is possible to snow. It needs four seasons have more than three quarterly account of the wind, the ability to resist snow pressure.
3, relatively cold, may have snow situation. In this case, in the camp, let us imagine what you will do? Cooking, hands, games … … no matter what, I think in addition to snowballs and must be on the outside, you most of the time will be hiding in the tent it Anyway, I led the winter more than 20 times (including Siguniang Mountain mountaineering camp, estimated and can be considered winter environment) never see who helped people in the snow shop cloth head landlord. OK, since the time in the tent is relatively long (relative to the other three quarters), then according to the design principles of the tent, stay in the tent longer, there should be a more comfortable account space. Taking into account sometimes cooking and other work, I think the four seasons should have a spacious account space and hall space.

Then the control to analyze why the snow skirt with the three seasons I think it is not the reasons for the four seasons account it

1, warm, three quarterly snow skirt really can prevent air convection, play the role of wind. But I would like to ask: how to do the other three quarters ah? If the tent is for winter use only, it should be called the winter account instead of the four seasons.

Someone mentioned, we designed a removable snow skirt okay. I do not know if there is any brand in the world to do so, but I think it is a good way, but I have not seen such a tent, foreign professional big tents why not do so, I think they may have their reasons. I can think of the reason is: with a zipper to disassemble, the high cost is not that the weight is too large, even when removed because there is a circle half a zipper will not light. If you use Velcro to disassemble, there is no Velcro gap on the air is easy to reach the target.

Finally, I would like to say: snow skirt this design, in the international profession to do the tent brand has been eliminated for several years, even the professional Takayama account are rarely this design. Why do not I do not know foreigners, I do not have snow skirts, air oppression is difficult to solve the problem.

2, resistance to wind, the ability to resist snow pressure. Are there any differences? It seems not. The performance of anti-snow, mainly rely on the structure of the pole, the thickness and the wind rope and the anchor to fix the point to complete. Did not change the structure of the three quarterly accounts, why can meet the requirements of the four seasons?

3, more spacious room space and hall space. Oh, do not tease, the reason with the 2 structure is no difference, what is considered four accounts?

Proper use of tents:
About the tents, have already talked a lot. There are too many new donkeys in the forum only know what tent is good, but not necessarily the right to use. Honestly bluntly, even if you buy top 3K silver tents, the use of bad as uncomfortable.
Today, a few tricks to use the tips, part of the first to see you. Because the figure is to ask my colleagues to help draw, so now only a few, after a new picture of my plus.

Gadolinium staple, do not 90 degrees under the nail, the tent should be and the angle of the rod at right angles, will have the largest fixed resistance. So it is generally with the ground 45-60 degrees to the next nail.

The side of the tent, the bottom must be opened, taut under the nail to separate the internal and external accounts, and can form the flow of air to reduce the possibility of condensate in the account. The market may be a lot of tents do not have such a design, I personally suggest that you can add to their own, the specific approach is in the middle of the side of the side of the bottom position, sew a rubber ring up (preferably double lap to use when the terrain Adjustable length), you can use the nail to stretch it.

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