The right sleeping bag choice for an unforgettable camping trip

Synthetic or down sleeping bag, alpine expedition sleeping bag, mummy or body sleeping bag – which of these is the right choice to enjoy the best possible sleeping comfort during a camping trip?

This is not an easy decision with the large selection offered on the web. Especially for camping novices, the excess of offers is initially overwhelming. We bring light into the dark with our little sleeping bag guide.


Synthetic or down sleeping bag

An artificial fiber sleeping bag is perfect for heat insulation. Even moisture can not harm him since he hardly receives any, that is, the functionality is maintained by a high-quality artificial fiber sleeping bag even when wet. A further advantage is that the artificial fiber sleeping bag is relatively insensitive. When comparing down with synthetic fibers, the latter dry more quickly is easier to maintain and clean. Another plus is the price: In a direct comparison, a synthetic fiber sleeping bag that is about equal in size costs less than one with down filling, but is usually slightly larger and weighs more.

The heat insulation of down is very high since no air circulation is possible. The insulation is achieved by the high bulk strength of the expensive filling material. Also important is the ratio of springs to down. The latter should be at most 90 percent. Both synthetic fiber and down sleeping bags can insulate against temperatures of up to minus 25 degrees Celsius. Ultimately, it is ultimately the budget which can be granted for the purchase. Furthermore, the quilting of the sleeping bags contributes to a pleasant sleeping experience. V- or trapezium-stitched sleeping bags are the best way to prevent the down from slipping.


Alpine or expedition sleeping bag

It has been specially developed for extreme temperatures up to minus 40 degrees Celsius – the alpine or expedition sleeping bag. This can be a sleeping bag filled with artificial fibers or down. Characteristic is the extreme insulation, which protects against very low temperatures and is therefore ideal for trips into the cold mountain range or even Norway or Alaska. Such sleeping bags, however, can quickly cost up to $1000!


Mummy sleeping bag

The name is a program: The sleeping bag has a mummy-like, body-like shape, which serves to return as much heat as possible and isolate it. Mumia sleeping bags are also used for overnight accommodation in the open air, as they protect themselves from severe frost and very low temperatures.

Growing sleeping bag

Yes, there really is! This sleeping bag bears its name because of the size adjustability, which allows the use from childhood to the youth age. Especially for children, it is difficult to find a sleeping bag that is of high quality and can be used for a long time, because you do not want to spend too much money if you have to sell it again after a year. Therefore, such sleeping bags have been developed to ensure the longest possible service life.


There is no purpose for which there is not a suitable sleeping bag. If you are traveling in tropical areas with high humidity or in places where there is a lot of rain, you should opt for a synthetic fiber sleeping bag. Backpackers are recommended because of the smaller size and the weight of the down sleeping bag which is usually only half the weight, which is also ideal for backpacking. If on the other hand, you want to find yourself in mountainous regions, you hardly have to buy an expensive alpine or expedition sleeping bag. Alternatively, you can also protect a mummy sleeping bag from severe cold. For children, you should pay attention that you have a growing sleeping bag-purchase. There are those in all the forms mentioned.

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