Tips for Enjoy A Camping Night

Camping gives us a unique opportunity to leave the things that fill our modern daily use and let us close to nature. But that does not mean to give up the comfort of sleep. With the right equipment and preparation, you can sleep easy and enjoy the camping night with the sky of stars.

This article deals with the following issues:
1. The equipment for sleeping outdoors
2. extra tips
3. How to stay warm at night


1. The equipment for sleeping outdoors

Whether you’re out for camping or hiking, how can you increase your chances of sleeping soundly on the outside? A good place to start – having the right equipment.
sacs de couchage
For travel by car camping, the bag is generally larger, with more space for more freedom and comfort. but they are less effective for retaining body heat, to avoid the cold nights. some rectangular sleeping bag may be used as a bed for the night.

hiking, sleeping bags are in the shape of a mummy (which is in the form of the body warmer, more evenly. they are generally lighter in weight. many are full of goose and duck, which is compressed more easily than those of synthetic material.

The properties of mattresses
There are three types of mattresses, self inflatable air and closed cell foam.
During a camping trip with the car, the weight is not a problem, so you can take advantage of a larger and thicker mattress is more comfortable.
But for walking, the weight is crucial, so an air mattress or mattress super lightweight foam will be your best choice.

The pillow

Taking with you just a house or use a pillow of foam or inflatable camp a little. the sleeping bag has a pocket for holding a pillow or clothes such as a jacket or a folded sweater fleece.

The travel mask and ear plugs
The masks for the eyes are particularly useful when camping in northern latitudes in summer or campgrounds with ambient light. the earplugs to block, or at least reduce the noise from your neighbor you trying to rustle and other sounds of nature. some people swear by them because they provide restorative sleep.



2. Here are a few more tips


Choose a good site for a tent
The first step is to ensure that you set up your tent on a flat surface and out of sticks, rocks, and pine nuts. for more information, read our article on how to set up a tent (in preparation).

Preparing for bed
Organize your campsite before dark, especially you and your little nest, it gives you time to relax and enjoy the evening. only in this way can contribute to a good night’s sleep.
keep within reach.
people are often surprised to see how the night is dark because the light pollution of urban is the sky. keep a flashlight in hand. put a little lantern led inside your tent, so that you can turn it on easily in case of need. some tents are now supplied with integrated led lights.
If the fact of brushing teeth is your last act before you go to bed every night at home, made of the same to the outside. the routines are a sense of normalcy in your environment. a familiar feature of the house is often a good bedding for children.

Food (safety) outside
the rules of storage will vary from one camp to another. take care not to rush this. if the campsite is located in an area that bears are active, don’t sleep with clothes that have absorbed the smell of food.

Wear dry clothing
a change to dirty or sweaty clothes. a good choice of clothing at night while camping is long underwear, high and low, as well as socks.
bulky clothes inside the sleeping bag can reduce the ability of the bag to effectively trap heat. instead, wrapped in a coat outside the bag, and a layer of insulation is. you can also make a bed of the old home as a layer on an expedition in the car.

Go to the bathroom before you go to bed.
some people, especially women, should be 20 – 30 minutes before and again immediately before entering the sleeping bag.

Prepare for going out at night
just in case, before you sleep, get a pair of sandals or shoes at the end of the tent. put a piece of tissue near the door so you can wash the feet, if necessary. and remember that your light.
If you tend to get dry during the night, keep a bottle of water in your sleeping bag.

Sounds of the night
some campers to the novice, will all the noises to the outside of the tent. it’s wonderful to hear an owl, but not so wonderful to think that you are a bear.
don’t forget the little creatures may seem high at night, so try to relax. if you have stored your food properly, you should be quiet or put some earplugs. (personally, the sound of a stream, fall asleep if you are lucky enough to have a close.



3. How to keep warm at night

At night, you don’t even have to close the bag. People are often put their feet into the bottom of the bag and the bag is used as a sheet. if you are a hot night, bring a blanket a light blanket, this may be all you need.
For camping in cold weather, or if you are nervous in general, these tips will help you to stay warm.

Eat a meal or snack before going to sleep
the process of digestion, warm you from the inside, it is the heat that you need to sleep comfortably.

drink hot drinks (non-alcoholic)
Alcohol dilates the blood vessels, stimulating the heat loss.

Do some exercise
if you could not wake up your body sweat and tear. do some squats into your sleeping bag is easy to heat, both you and your bag.

Wear your underwear
long, clean and dry socks. if you tend to get cold, wearing a scarf or a piece of clothing.
put the hood on the bag on your head
even if you’re wearing a hat. During the nights of freezing (0 degrees Celsius), you can leave an opening big enough for your nose and mouth.

Add foam mattresses
under your mattress liner to create additional insulation.

Fill the bag of clothing drier
putting clothes in your bag that will fill the empty spaces, reducing the area that your body needs to heat up.

Put a hot water bottle.
near the center of your body, it is the main production area of heat. to warm it more quickly, and the next of the femoral arteries.

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