What Do I Really Need For Backpacking?

Important tips for backpackers before start your trip.


Choose the right equipment:

1, A sleeping bags, sleeping bag weight decided according to the climate, because of the use of sleeping bag is in the tent, and choose comfortable clothes and sleep, temperature and night temperature close to the specifications of sleeping bags.


2, A tent to build fast, windproof and rainproof based.

Backpack, usually, according to the time to calculate, the farther the distance, the longer the volume of the backpack should be greater, a professional entry-level Backpackers backpack, at least 65-70 liters.


3, Moisture-proof pad, if the route is close to the lake, the moisture-proof pad is necessary.


4, Kettle: Do not have to bring a large volume of the kettle, drinking water law and consumption, it is best to arrange according to actual needs. Don’t get too much water, and you can get supplies when you go through town.


Problems faced by hiking

Backpackers in addition to security, there are four major general problems, the first is to rest, must ensure that there is enough time to rest, every day can not be excessive consumption of energy and strength; second is to eat, food and water, don’t eat too much water or food, needs to consider physical needs; third is to discharge and personal hygiene, find a suitable location for excretion and grooming, this is the backpackers most headaches, personal experience shows that the best is arranged regularly every day at noon, in the afternoon through the town, to find a suitable place. If the best sleep, away from the water; if the outdoor toilet can better find the mountain farmers to build simple; the last is environmental protection, waste disposal problems, if you do not spend the night in town, organic waste, such as paper towels, food residues, can choose buried, not soluble waste, must contain good.


Plan daily walking routes and general roadmap

On the morning of the day, set the course for the day, as far as possible through the nearby towns to buy dry food and second days’ breakfast.

In the evening, should prepare in advance for sleep or stay, if weather permits on the day before the decision, black, good rest place, examine the surrounding environment, complete the heavy rains and flash floods coefficient assessment, build a good tent, put the food in sealed plastic bags, to avoid odor attracts insects or other animal. Is the best clothes and sleep, do not need to take off shoes.


Four hints of profound experience:

1, before departure, practice how to complete the tent within 10 minutes under the condition of insufficient light.

2, even if the coat has waterproof function, when the rainy season builds a tent, also had better put on a raincoat

3, The clothes to be prepared must be packed in a dry bag, including a mobile phone.

4, with more dry food, food is the most difficult to obtain, even in the suburbs, rainy days, snack shops may not open the door.

Overnight Backpackers are the most useful equipment: nylon raincoat. Even in the absence of rain, the grass is very damp in the morning. When I put the tent away, I can put all my equipment on or inside my raincoat.

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