Wiggys Ultima Thule Mummy Style Sleeping Bag Review

I ordered a Wiggy’s Thule Mummy Style Sleeping Bag, and it has become my go-to sleeping bag.

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ABOUT WIGGY’S PRODUCTS —by Jerry Wigutow. 

At this time, Wiggy’s Inc. is the only manufacturer of sleeping bags in the USA.

I take pride in being a company who makes superior sleeping bags & garments right here in the United States of America. We have not now, nor have we ever, outsourced the making & manufacturing of our products to foreign soil, and we never will.


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My garage looks like an outfit used, with backpacks, skis, snowshoes, boots and camping gear at most angles available. My sleeping bag collection was fairly extensive, probably over a dozen or so in stock. (Over the years, when my children left the nest, I donated excess bags to the local community center.) My inventory is at a more reasonable level now!)

When my family of 5 collapsed, they all needed a good sleeping bag. Then, as my sons entered the Scouts, we always went somewhere, and we camped again and again. I’ve experienced all sorts of sleeping bags, weight, insulation and shell material.

While I found some bags that I liked, the insulation has always deteriorated. When they arrive at a particular time, they have been exiled to the lenders. I could usually consider a zero-note bag of about two or three years.

About three years ago, on the suggestion of the survival expert Peter Kummerfeldt, I looked at the Wiggys sleeping bag.


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Several things pre-disposed me to buy a Wiggy’s sleeping bag:

Lifetime Warranty: Each Wiggys sleeping bag comes with a warranty without warranty.

Lamilite insulation: Lamilit is synthetic, polyester fiber. Wiggy brand sleeping bags are the only bags purchased from all branches of the US military, according to the site. The Luftwaffe uses them in combatants and transports them. The navy uses them on all survivors of four and twelve men. The army has it on airplanes and helicopters and marines on the transport.

Machine washable: The cost of cleaning a sleeping bag must be amortized in the purchase price. I saw sleeping bags coming home from the summer cout camp, which had little hope of being clean again and again. But Wiggys recommends that their bags be washed after each use.

Made in America: The Wiggys facility is located in Junction City, Colorado. Today, all the other major manufacturers of sleeping bags have moved abroad, and Wiggy is the only American factory of sleeping bags.


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I ordered a Wiggy’s Thule Mummy Style Sleeping Bag, and it has become my go-to sleeping bag. After using it for several seasons, here is what I’ve learned about the product.

The bag is very comfortable for sleeping. I have five feet, ten inches in height and a weight of 183. The bag fits me very well. There are other sizes for larger people. My wife, five feet and six centimeters tall, adapts very well to the Thule standard.
The Thule came with a pillow that fits perfectly into the hood. One of the worst things about sleeping in a matte bag is that most do not work very well with a pillow indoors. The combination of Wiggy pillow / sleeping bag is incredibly effective, and I never wake up because my head slips out of the pillow.
The zipper is well designed and easy to use. A quality zipper is essential for the efficiency and safety of sleeping bags. A locked zipper in the lowered position can reduce or completely eliminate the insulation value of the bag. A closed zipper in the high position could mean you’re stuck in your pocket.
After my first field test I received these unwanted comments from Bardy Jones, a Scoutmaster from Pelham, NY:

“I do not know if Wiggy hates or loves me. Odez me because I am such a bad customer: Love me because I am.

“I started a kayak travel company in 1988, and because I bought bags from Jerry Wigutow’s previous company, I ordered 12 20-degree Wiggy bags, at least 200 washes, and about 4,000 filled in compression bags, I was tired of thinking, the only thing that hurts all of these bags comes from a dryer that is too hot to scald the nylon part of a bag.More of the time they were dried in the line. These are used which is fair, the sun of the line drying part) and I was thinking of just replacing it for a new look but I have decided that they have worked well.

“Every zipper works very well, the loft is better than new, the bags are awesome. I feel guilty that I am a unique customer of Wiggy, but if you make a product for life, you only need it.” – Bardy Jones

In the end, I like the Wiggy’s Thule Sleeping Bag. For the type of winter camping I do in central Oregon, it meets all my needs, then some. The tule might be a bit heavy for a hiking bag, but on the other hand, that’s exactly what you need to make the weather cool in most cases. The ability to bleach the bag, and cost savings cannot be underestimated.

But as is often the case when I get good equipment, I am usually emptied by family members. The Thule has also become the favorite sleeping bag for my wife, and when we go together, I find myself with another bag.

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I’m fine, and if the budget allows, there will be another Thule in the family when the summer camp rolls.

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