Wilsa KL350 Sleeping Bag Review


The brand Wilsa many partner stiffness and explorers offer equipment suitable for adventure projects, expeditions, and entertainment, with a range of sleeping bags down light, compact and powerful, to overcome the often harsh and precarious conditions sports outdoors.


The Wilsa KL350 is a three-season down sleeping bag (+ 3 ° C comfort) which thanks to its numerous beads and its collar to protect from the cold despite its light weight of only 1 kg! It is positioned as the “hot” model in comparison to its little brother the KL250, which, without suitable equipment, is not enough at conditions below 0 / + 5 degrees.


Technical sheet Wilsa KL350
Program 3 seasons
Outdoor fabric Ripstop 297T
trim  Goose down 90/10
Lining  Polyester 50D 300T
Zip Zip YKK 1/2
Construction Micro-aerated partition by inclined walls
Maximum user size NC
Comfort temperature + 3 ° C
Temperature limit -4 ° C
Extreme temperature  -5 ° C
Filling weight   350 g
Total weight  1000 g
Recommended retail price $220

The notes of the draft

Price / performance ratio : 4_star (4/5)

Thermal performance :  3.5_star (3,5 / 5)

Manufacturing quality :  4.5_star (4,5 / 5)

Inside comfort :  4.5_star (4/5)

Overall dimensions :  4_star (4/5)

Our Review

Thermal performance

The down reveals a comfort temperature of + 3 ° C for a limit of -4 ° C and the thermal insulation capacity of 700 cms (also known as “fill power”, ie capacity of feathers to isolate the air and optimize the heat) and the 350 grams of goose down used, this is very achievable. In addition, the zip along the body is covered with an anti-cold bead that prevents air from infiltrating, the hood reduced to a head turn, very close to the face, is an excellent thermal insulation and the collar, thick and very padded, limits heat loss at the shoulders! Only, after having tested it one night outside, around a temperature of + 3 / + 5 ° C, I still had cold! Why that? Maybe the moisture, having soaked the top of the down, increased the sensation of freshness, or the fact that for a woman the comfort temperature should be reduced to a few more degrees … It is clear that the tests of factories can actually vary the results according to the procedures used and therefore that the temperatures expressed on the down do not correspond for all the world to the temperatures truly felt. In any case, the “-5 ° C extreme” seems hard to believe … Nevertheless, the partitioning is excellent and the padding well enough, maybe it was a bad night?

Rating: 3.5_star 3.5 / 5



Manufacturing quality

This sleeping bag is at first sight sober, practical and very well equipped. In short for its small weight and its small price it proposes everything necessary to stay warm and travel light. The filling is 90% white goose down and 10% feathers, which gives it a high insulating power (the down is lighter than the feather and allows to retain more air), this down is distributed in compartments in inclined micro-aerated walls, according to the Wilsa Modular concept © which follows the principle of multilayers for a better distribution of heat.

This is how the majority of duvets, in rectangular or trapezoidal shapes, are designed today to avoid cold bridges as in the “seam through” seams. The outer fabric is made of Ripstop © and protects not only abrasion and abrasions, wind and moisture, very humbly in the case of a sleeping bag, thus reducing the risk of damage to the quality of feathers and down and their swelling power.

The main zip is wide and practical, it stops at the half-body level to gain weight and after several attempts, does not get stuck when closing and opening, whether for storage or once inside, except possibly at the level of the neck or the scratch can hinder the total closure. Finally, a small pocket at the chest allows to put handkerchiefs, camera battery and telephone, to save its consumption, an idea necessarily useful!

Rating: 4.5_star 4.5 / 5


Interior Comfort

When I discovered for the first time the sleeping bag I did not think it was in goose down because of the rather thick and “heavy” inner and outer fabric, Ripstop and polyester made it more like a bag synthetic. It is really only once inside, that one judges of its comfort and the lightness of the pen on oneself. A fairly even distribution but the light foot box confirms the idea that the efforts are carried on the top of the bag, at the level of the shoulders and the head. Once inside, it takes a little time for the swelling power to envelop us but then we feel really good, warm, protected and not cramped.The collar is a real jewel, floating, it allows to slip his arm inside and to add a pillow (or rather a jacket!), To have more comfortable during the night.

It is fixed to the shoulders by means of a velcro, or is left free and its velcro is then fixed on a piece of fabric avoiding rubbing on the skin. The closure around the face is total, and there is no real hood but a full padding around the face, which can, when completely closed, seem a little stuffy … At the level of tightening, three cords are present which done a lot because once tight their stems can hinder the face, in short everything is there for comfort, but it also makes a lot of accessories to manage!

Finally, to optimally adjust according to temperature, the zip offers a double opening to allow ventilation at the hips and legs without compromising the closure at the top of the body.

Rating: 4_star 4/5




The KL350 bag is supplied with a mesh bag for storage when not in use (a down should not be left in its compression bag as it reduces the qualities of feathers and downs that must “breathe”) and also with a compression bag with a capacity of 4 liters . The weight of the down is closer to the 1,1kg but this does not prevent quickly storing the down in its bag compression which has two ropes for better support. The format is correct when stowed but compression straps are missing to reduce its size to the maximum and store it at the bottom of the bag!

Rating: 4_star 4/5


General overview

Such quality and thermal comfort for a 1 kg down at a mini price is rare and one can say that the price-quality ratio is impressive. A down but at the temperatures surely a little exaggerated but which in no way removes its insulating qualities and its manufacturing quality, in the region of Lille. In short, very good assets that make the Wilsa 350KL an excellent choice for adventurers on a tight budget. Nevertheless for those who want to use often and long a light and power down for a temperature around 0 / -5 ° C, the choice to put a hundred more euros is serious to consider …

Price-performance ratio: 4_star 4/5

We liked

We liked it less

• The floating inner collar and comfortable
• The lightweight and compactness of the bag
• Excellent value for money
• Tightening drawstrings
• Temperatures over-estimated
• A bag with a touch less pleasant than other duvets of competing brands
  • Test conditions

    • • Test conditions: On a trip to Pakistan under rather favorable conditions, even at an altitude of 3500 meters, and in a tent in the Beaufortain and outside in the Cerces massif.

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