Women’s Sleeping Bag: How to Choose The Best

A sleeping bag is one of the stuff that will have the most impact on your backpacking experience (just like your backpack and tent). It will affect the weight of your backpack and your quality of sleep – both will affect your efficiency and energy!

The more you will be able to choose the best women sleeping bag for you, the better your long term experience will be.

In this article, we will help you make the best choice for a good women purchase and will discuss why a specific women sleeping bag may be the best choice for you.

  1. The basics
  2. Why are women cold when they sleep?
  3. Bag features that are specific to women
  4. The conclusion

1. The Basics

There are many things to know about sleeping bags in general. So you have to take into account how you will use your – Try to beat the world record of crossing the path of the Pacific ridges, or will you just spend a night out with friends?

The more you want your sleeping bag will be High-Tech and light, the higher the price will be. If you just go camping in a warm weather, you do not really need to worry about weight, so you can opt for the most comfortable and cheapest sleeping bag.

Take into account all the material you want to put in your bag. If you are not going to do a lot of camping in wet places, take a sleeping bag pad, it will be light and warm.

sleeping bag for women - models


If you have planned a backpacking trip of several days on the coast in November, go for a synthetic bag, these will stay warm as long as the weather is not wet.

Synthetic bags are cheaper and can be a good economical option. With the new hydrophobic padding technologies, if your sleeping bag is wet, this is no longer a big problem since most manufacturers are treating them.

Another thing to consider is how hot your bag should be, whether you are camping in winter or on a high altitude expedition, you must have a sleeping bag suitable for these conditions, probably rated -10 ° C or less – you will not find any kind of this bag in this article of sleeping bags for women.

Also, take into account the shape and style that will work best for you and the features you want. If you or your child just go camping in the garden or go to the camping for the weekend, take a look at our article about how to choose a kid’s camping sleeping bags.

But if you go on a trek for three weeks, you surely want a light bag like those mentioned in this article specifically for women or in our more general guide on sleeping bags for hiking.

2. Why are women sleeping cold?

women's sleeping bag - choose

First, we agree that everyone’s body is different and that there are several factors that affect our internal temperature, such as diet, age, stature, and how much sleep time that we usually have.

However, it is commonly believed that women tend to feel colds more often than men, especially when sleeping outside. And it is not because women are weak, believe it or not, it is because women body equally distributes our fat. Women have a layer of fat that men do not have – this is why women skin is softer.

Thanks to this fabulous layer of fat, women have a better system allowing them to moderate the temperature of their body and retain heat than men. The problem is, while women maintain the warmth of the heart, the body sends warm blood somewhere other than in the feet and hands. Extreme temperatures vary greatly compared to internal organs, and this imposes whether we are cold or hot. Women tend to feel cold extremities more often and therefore have cold. But you know the proverb: cold hands = warm heart.

3. Features specific to women

sleeping bag for women - details


Now that we know a little more about the physiology of women, it seems more obvious to know that look in a bag designed for women. More and more manufacturers are beginning to realize this as well, although there are still companies that use the “shrinks and makes it in pink” to create their range for women.

Regarding the difference between sleeping bags for men and women, the heat of the bag is the first factor, and it can be modified in three different ways. The first is to trim the bag to fit the silhouette of a woman.

In general, bags designed for women are made to suit a woman measuring an average of 1.65m while a men’s bag is designed to suit a person measuring an average of 1.85m.

The women’s bags are cut differently to suit a feminine silhouette – it is slightly wider towards the hips (about 5cm). A better fit will make the warmth of your body warm the air inside the bag more effectively. If your bag is too wide, your body will not be able to warm up all the air quickly, leaving you to feel cold – so take a bag that suits you.

Second, look for a bag that has more insulation. Most women’s bags have more insulation than the same model for men. The EN evaluation system also helps to determine if the bag is at the right temperature. The first note of comfort of temperature defines at what temperature a woman will find the bag comfortable.

Third, as mentioned before, women are more often cold because their hands and feet are colder. Some manufacturers have also become aware of this, and have decided to act strategically to know where to place the insulation supplement.

4. Conclusion

The downside is that there are far fewer choices in bag selection designed for women. If you are looking for a very specialized type of bag, ultra-light or you have a brand that you like a lot, you will definitely have to opt for a unisex bag – but make sure the bag fits you and that it is not too big!

Independently, the principles for buying a woman bag (even if you buy a unisex) are the same. Decide why you want to use it, and how much you want to pay. Next, choose one that fits you perfectly and that is warm enough – potentially, with extra insulation in strategic locations.

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